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Milan K.

Illustrated by Corentin

He would become one of the world's wealthiest men, dedicated to fighting for the oppressed, the ones lacking voice or power. But his tactics would prove far different from that of the charities and other humanitarian organizations of his time. He was to wage a ruthless war, fraught with great victories and just as great defeats.

Sam Timel is an American author known for writing the series "Milan K." and contributing to "Redhand: Twilight of the Gods".

Corentin Rouge was born in 1983, the son of comic artist Michel Rouge, who named him after Cuvelier's famous comic book hero. He studied animation and film at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Paris, and published his first comic story in Métal Hurlant in 2003. He learned the comics profession from his father, whom he has assisted on the coloring of series like Shimon de Samarie and Le Samaritain since 2005. He made his debut together with writer Sam Timel in the crime series Milan K. published in 2009.

"Milan K. is one of those European comics that are fantastic action from the first to the last page, but unlike American comics without the suits and spandex. Milan K. is much in the vein of XIII and probably even more like Largo Winch." - 9th Blog "Sam Timel is no stranger to high-concept action in his series Milan K." - Broken Frontier

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