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Mia Mayhem vs. the Mighty Robot

Book #6 of Mia Mayhem
Illustrated by Leeza Hernandez

Mia goes up against a mighty robot in this sixth adventure of the Mia Mayhem chapter book series!

Mia’s best friend, Eddie, has built an awesome robot that’s supposed to be a mighty cleaning machine! And at first, everything runs smoothly as the robot helps around the house and at regular school! But things quickly go haywire when Mia accidentally makes the robot grow three times its normal size. Does Mia have what it takes to go up against a mighty, big robot?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Mia Mayhem chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

Chapter 1: A Robot Named Junior CHAPTER 1 A ROBOT NAMED JUNIOR
Saturdays are my favorite. Whether it’s watching cartoons and movies or playing games, the weekends usually begin at my best friend Eddie’s house.

I said hello to his parents, and then I walked into Eddie’s room like I have done a hundred times before. This time, though, I was in for the biggest surprise.

There was a robot as tall as me, standing in the middle of the room!

“Oh, hi, Mia!” Eddie cried. “You’re right on time. I’m almost done with my latest invention!”

I circled the robot to get a better look. On its front panel, there were big metal letters that spelled “JR.”

“Wow! You made a life-size robot!” I said as my jaw dropped to the floor.

My best friend was the smartest person I knew, and he loved all things robots.

“Yup! I named him Junior, and he’s going to be my new helper. When I’m done he should be able to help me with, well, everything!”

I leaned in to touch the robot’s metal hand. And as soon as my grip tightened, his entire arm snapped off!

“Oh, sorry, Eddie! Sometimes I still can’t control my strength,” I said with a shrug.

“Don’t worry about it. The arm was already loose,” he replied.

I gave Eddie a little smile. I knew he was used to my mayhem by now.

You see, the thing is that little accidents like breaking the robot’s metal arm aren’t strange for me.

Because believe it or not, I’m not just strong—I’m superhero strong!

Like for real!

My name is Mia Macarooney, and I Am. A. Superhero!

During the day I go to Normal Elementary School, where I’m an ordinary kid, just like Eddie.

But after the school bell rings, I head over to the Program for In Training Superheroes aka the PITS. The PITS is a top secret superhero training academy. And at the PITS, I go by Mia Mayhem!

As you can imagine, my weekday schedule is packed. That’s why I love Saturday mornings at Eddie’s. But today our hangout was going to get cut short. I had to be at the PITS for a special Saturday class.

“Wish you could stay so I could show you more,” Eddie said.

I nodded in agreement.

Eddie was my only friend in the whole world who knew my super-secret, and thankfully, he was totally cool with it.

“There are a lot of things Junior can do,” Eddie continued. “Like getting you your favorite snack before you go!”

Eddie pushed a button on his remote. Then Junior opened the door, zoomed down the hallway, and turned on his foot blasters to go down the stairs!

“Hey, Junior, can you grab one of the chocolate-peanut-butter granola bars on the top shelf of the pantry?” Eddie asked when we got to the kitchen.

Kara West would love to be a superhero, mostly so she can ask squirrels what they’re so nervous about. She lives in Chicago with her own cats, who, unlike Chaos, spend more time sleeping than causing trouble. Thank goodness.

Leeza Hernandez, an award-winning illustrator and now children’s book author, hails from the south of England, but has been living in New Jersey since 1999. She works as an art director at a local magazine and in her spare time, creatively noodles with new ideas for books in her art studio. She loves to experiment with printmaking, pen and ink, digital collage, and painting.

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