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Marilyn's Monsters

About The Book

This is Marilyn Monroe like you've never seen her before.

Chasing fame and immortality, a downtrodden Norma Jean Baker runs away to the famously twisted Holy Wood, where dreams become reality. She gives in to the powers that be, and allows herself to be reinvented into Marilyn, a real movie star. Though Marilyn dances in the limelight, it’s not bright enough to purge the demons that crept through Norma’s past, and lurk in the shadows of her present. Written and illustrated by Tommy Redolfi, Marilyn’s Monsters immerses readers—through its abstract and evocative art and cinematic storytelling—in a beautifully dark world that obscures the line between dreams and nightmares.

About The Author


Product Details

  • Publisher: Humanoids, Inc. (September 18, 2018)
  • Length: 248 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594655357

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Raves and Reviews

"“A dark, beautiful fairy tale.” " - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER "“Harrowing…. Evocative….While staying true to the real-life tale of Norma Jeane’s transformation to Monroe, this fantasy creates a rich imaginary world that pays homage to the struggles of the late actress.”" - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "***Featured on Comicon’s 7 Best Original Graphic Novels Of 2018***" - COMICON.COM "“You may never look at a photo of Marilyn Monroe the same way again.” " - SYFY "“On the outside, you wouldn’t think of Marilyn Monroe’s life as a horror movie. Redolfi makes a very convincing argument for why you should.”" - COMICON.COM "A brilliant, hallucinatory meditation on the phenomenon of Marilyn Monroe. It will alter your understanding of both Hollywood and Marilyn." - DAVID CRONENBERG ""Redolfi’s cartooning moves between aesthetics, from the nightmarish real world to the style of vintage cartoons, creating a hallucinatory effect that perfectly matches the dark underbelly of old Hollywood, and the sacrifices stars made to become beloved by millions.” " - PASTE MAGAZINE "“Immersive, unsettling and ultimately tragic.”" - IMPULSE GAMER "“A gripping psychological thriller...Writer/artist Tommy Redolfi mixes the facts about Marilyn Monroe’s past with surrealism. Readers may know know about Monroe’s previous marriages but they’ve never felt the scars of her divorces like this. Even if you don’t know anything about her movies, it’s still a dark and seedy tale about Hollywood.”" - VILLAIN MEDIA "“The world of Hollywood filmmaking is a strange beast. It can chew up and spit out those who come in with the purest of intentions while also lauding and championing those who will do anything it takes to succeed, even if it means stabbing someone else in the back. It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for damn sure. Enter author Tommy Redolfi…. [with] a hallucinatory take on the life of Norma Jean Baker, aka Marilyn Monroe.” " - DREAD CENTRAL "“An impressive and disturbing look at a world renowned sex symbol. There's an unsettling quality to Redolfi's artwork that fills you with paranoia, making you question every character's motives. This is a book that will stay with you for some time. At the bare minimum, it will make you think twice before hanging up that Marilyn Monroe poster you bought at Target.” " - HORROR TALK "“Set in the famous Hollywood Hills, where a dark and twisted forest is home to freaks and rundown trailers; a shy Norma Jean finds a home and begins to plan for her eventual stardom, blind to the perilous danger of the demons and monsters, both real and imaginary that are vying for her very soul. Tommy Redolfi seems to have taken all that we know about Marilyn and weaved a tale of not quite terror in line with the TV show American Horror.” " - COMIC CRUSADERS ""Transcendent, hypnotic, and emotionally devastating." " - FANBASE PRESS

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