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Loving Your Place on the Spectrum

A Neurodiversity Blueprint

Loving Your Place on the Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint provides answers to many of your questions about autism, helping you to embrace neurodiversity and love your autistic self and the autistic people in your life. Jude Morrow speaks from personal experience when he says that he has learned to be proud to be autistic and he wants you to be proud too.

Browse through the many books available on autism and you might notice a trend: too many of them are written by neurotypical professionals who aim to “fix” autism or help autistic people appear “normal.” Jude Morrow noticed this problem and decided that something needed to change.

Loving Your Place on the Spectrum is a guide for living a happy and successful autistic life. Jude combines his own experiences as an autistic man with the stories of others to provide a handbook to help autistic individuals navigate life’s major changes, from childhood to college, jobs, and relationships. Each chapter identifies common issues faced by autistic people of a particular age or social group and explains how educators, teachers, parents, and professionals can be supportive through all these life stages.

The world needs a new perspective on autism, and Jude Morrow’s Loving Your Place on the Spectrum provides parents, workplaces, individuals, and society an alternative, strengths-based viewpoint, where autistic people are accepted, embraced, and loved.

Jude Morrow displayed communication and social difficulties early in life, which led to a diagnosis of Asperger Type Autism at the age of 11. Despite having educational challenges, Jude progressed through secondary school and graduated from the University of Ulster with an honors degree in social work in 2012. Jude now works as a social worker and, following the release of his first book, Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?, Jude established Neurodiversity Training International to promote neurodiversity around the world and advocate for all things autism. When not speaking, writing, or doing social work, Jude loves spending time with his son, Ethan, enjoying the outdoors, cooking, and reading.

Loving Your Place on the Spectrum is a wonderful book by an absolutely gifted author. Jude Morrow is a brilliant storyteller sharing truths about his own experience as an autistic father, son, and entrepreneur—as he educates us about the nascent and long overdue neurodiversity movement—that are very much his own and at the same time wholly universal. Jude writes with great heart, honesty, warmth and humor about an all too often misunderstood and underestimated slice of humanity. His books, including Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad? will make you laugh, cry and think differently.”

– Jeff Miller, founder and CEO of Potentia Workforce

Loving Your Place on the Spectrum is a book of empowerment and inspiration for individuals exploring their place on the spectrum. Jude Morrow shares his journey to acceptance and provides a bold autistic voice that is helping to amplify voices on the spectrum. This book will challenge professionals to broaden their perspective of the spectrum. The reader will be challenged to move beyond mere awareness of autism to accepting those who are wired differently and to a broader explanation and exploration of NeuroDiversity.”

– —Dr Stephanie C. Holmes, Ed.D

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