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Love on a Two-Way Street

Contributions by Karen Hunter

Now in paperback, in the bestselling tradition of E. Lynn Harris, a gripping novel about a group of high-powered millionaires who each harbors a secret about their sexuality.

Juice is a music mogul with the midas touch, so it’s no surprise that his fianceé is not just the queen of hip-hop—she is a multi-platinum-selling, six-time Grammy winner and also a fashion icon. Her father, a retired police officer, doesn’t approve of their relationship. While perhaps a bit overprotective, he sees through the luxurious lifestyle and feels like something is not quite right with Juice. But his suspicions are not enough to stop their wedding, which is the music industry event of the year, held at Trump Tower in New York City, with all of hip-hop royalty attending. And while everyone is toasting the happy couple, what they don’t know is that Juice is the leader of an underground world of the most powerful men in the country who are on the DL, or down low.

Just as King’s bestselling book On the Down Low put the provocative topic of men who lie about their sexuality on the map, this new novel will have readers wondering if there is a real-life persona behind these fictional characters.

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J.L. King is a national bestselling author, philanthropist, publisher, and producer. He has appeared in publications such as Newsweek, Time, and The Washington Post and on programs such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Inside Edition. He has two adult children and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

"JL King was the one who put the down low on the map; now he is bringing the fire to the book world with these novels. Is this really fiction?" -- Wendy Williams, radio shock jock and New York Times bestselling author of Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood!

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