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Lore of the Hávamál

By (artist) Dee Cunniffe / Drawings by Jouni Koponen / Edited by Rantz Hoseley
Published by Z2 Comics
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Hávamál ‘Sayings of the high one’: a collection of old Norse poems containing  advice for living, proper conduct and wisdom.

Ragnarök, The Twilight of the Gods is over, but something went wrong. Instead of dying heroically in the final battle, Odin One-Eye finds himself working as a bartender, reflecting on past losses and the death of his loved ones. If this truly was Ragnarök, why didn’t the old world end and a new better world emerge? 

Summoned via a globe-spanning creative team, Lore of the Hávamál re-imagines the story of Ragnarök. Come now… join illustrator Jouni Koponen, writers Cat Mihos and Ethan McQuerrey, and colorist Dee Cunniffe on this epic  journey through time, and Norse wisdom.

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