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About The Book

This successful author of romance novels (more than 10 million units sold from 1992 to 2008 in mass-market romance editions) continues her move into romantic suspense with a thriller about a woman faced with the decision to clear her ex-fiance’s name in a murder case when he asks her to lie for him.

Lauren Holloway’s ex-fiance, Tucker Kane, is without an alibi when his ex-wife is murdered. Tucker claims to have been alone at a job site at the time, but he needs Lauren to lie for him so that he won’t become a suspect in the murder. She refuses; now as a prime suspect, Tucker disappears without a trace. Years later, she sees him at an antique fair, and worried that Lauren will reveal his carefully constructed life, he forces his way into her hotel room and tells her that he’s trying to find evidence to clear his name. As Lauren tries to help Tucker, she questions her ability to judge character as she uncovers a labyrinth of deceit, putting her very life in danger.

Reading Group Guide

The suggested questions for Lie for Me are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book.

Discussion Questions

1.       Is it ever morally right to lie? Is there a difference between a big lie and the little white lies most everyone tells at some point? Can you think of instances in the Bible when people lied (with God’s blessing)?

2.       Did it diminish Tucker’s character, in your opinion, that he asked Lauren to give him an alibi when it was a lie?

3.       Lauren stayed fiercely loyal to Tucker through thick and thin. Most of us have not experienced a murder so close to home. How do you think you would have reacted if someone close to you were accused of murder?

4.       Do you think Tucker did the right thing by disappearing without a trace and leaving Lauren to think he really was guilty? How do you react when people falsely accuse you?

5.       From the start, the police concentrated on Tucker as the prime suspect. What could he have done to change that?

6.       What strengths do you think you could call upon to help you cope with such a situation? Faith? Friends? Family support?

7.       Have you observed behavior by the police or the media that gave you concern for a person you believed might be innocent?

8.       What do you think about Lauren’s belief in Tucker’s innocence? Was she too naïve?

9.       How did you feel about the circumstances of Tucker’s divorce from Margot?

10.   Have you experienced—or observed—anyone caught up in a bitter battle for custody of a child?


About The Author

Photograph by Alisa Murray

Karen Young is the international bestselling author of thirty-eight novels. 
She has more than ten million books in print and is the recipient of the coveted RITA award from Romance Writers of America and the Career Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice awards from Romantic Times magazine. She is known as “a spellbinding storyteller who writes with sensitivity about issues facing contemporary women.” Karen's career in writing fiction for women has run the gamut from traditional romance to mystery thrillers to inspirational fiction. In her relationship-driven plots, she creates characters that could easily be her readers, and then places them in extraordinary circumstances while adding suspense to the mix.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Howard Books (August 2, 2011)
  • Length: 368 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781439195765

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Raves and Reviews

"This is a riveting and inspiring novel that will leave readers profoundly moved. The wrenching moral dilemma, coupled with the suspenseful plot, makes for a page-turning drama that will keep you guessing to the very end. Karen Young is in top form."

– Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author of The Goodbye Quilt

"Karen Young's stories take my breath away and make me sit up and take notice. In Lie for Me she presents a heroine with an ethical decision that left me biting my fingernails. I wonder if I'd have the strength of character to do what I know was right even if it meant sending the man I loved to prison for the rest of his life. Fast paced, heart-stopping action are Karen's trademarks. She's one of my favorites."

– Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"RITA Award winner Young (Missing Max) brings us a faith-based romantic suspense/thriller, with a great plot full of peril, explosive action, and the nastiest of villains."

– Debbie Haupt, St. Charles City/Cty. P.L., MO

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