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Liberty's Surest Guardian

Rebuilding Nations After War from the Founders to Obama

We are a nation-building people, and Jeremi Suri—Nobel Fellow and leading light in the next generation of policy makers—looks to America’s recent history to see what America has to offer failed states around the world—now in paperback.

Liberty’s Surest Guardian traces America’s efforts at building nations from the country’s founding, illuminating what America has to offer failed states around the world today.

Photograph by Michael Forster Rothbart/UW-Madison University Communications

Jeremi Suri is the Mack Brown Distinguished Professor for Global Leadership, History, and Public Policy at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of five books on contemporary politics and foreign policy. In September 2011 he will publish a new book on the past and future of nation-building: Liberty's Surest Guardian: American Nation-Building from the Founders to Obama. Professor Suri's research and teaching have received numerous prizes. In 2007 Smithsonian Magazine named him one of America's "Top Young Innovators" in the Arts and Sciences. His writings appear widely in blogs and print media. Professor Suri is also a frequent public lecturer and guest on radio and television programs.