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Legend of the Scarlet Blades

Raido, a young amnesic Ronin–a masterless Samurai–roams about in a quest for his memories. His first stop is the city that talks to the sky, the ultimate stronghold against the ice invading the land of the rising sun. There, he meets Meiki, a graceful puppeteer and storyteller of charms. "Legend of the Scarlet Blades," as painted by the tormented and airy style of Saverio Tenuta, is a series whose universe is inspired by feudal Japanese history and traditions, full of breathtaking settings and populated by a myriad of wondrous mythical beings.

"Legend of the Scarlet Blades is why we buy comic books. [...] It’s their sorrows and desires that keep us turning from one breathtaking page to the next. " - DoomRocket "A brilliant and emotional work, this is a book that everyone should know about." - "I was taken with it's beauty but the story itself is one that will leave a last impression. " - TheFrogQueen

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