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John Hick

An Autobiography

John Hick is one of the world's foremost theologians and philosophers of religion: his books feature on many comparative religion and philosophy courses and his theories and work in the field of race relations have earned him international acclaim. In this warm-hearted account, he tells his life story, from his schoolboy days in Yorkshire, through his conversion to evangelical fundamentalism, to his renunciation of this to become a staunch advocate of religious pluralism.

John Hick, a world renowned theologian and philosopher of religion, is the author of numerous books, many of which have become classics in their field. He is currently a Fellow of the Insitute for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham. Educated at Edinburgh and Oxford, he delivered the Gifford Lectures in 1986-7 and received the Grawemeyr Award for significant new thinking in religion in 1991.

"He deserves to be honoured in his own country, and even in the Anglican ecclesiastical establishment"

– Church Times

"one of the most stimulating books I have ever read."

– Universalist

"This is an eminently readable, frequently humorous, account of the life of one of the world's most distinguished philosophers of religion. He has never been scared of controversy in advocating justice, equity, and especially religious pluralism in the face of an orthodox, far too often fundamentalist, exclusivism. How deeply indebted we are to him."

– Desmond Tutu - Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town

"John Hick is a man with a lovely combination of human qualtities. He is a scholar, has deep religious convictions, is a fervent anti-racist, a deep pluralist and a warm friend. Understanding him better might help more of us to nurture such values."

– Rt Hon. Clare Short MP

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