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Jerome Robbins

His Life, His Theater, His Dance

In this authoritative biography, Deborah Jowitt explores the life, works, and creative processes of the complex genius Jerome Robbins (1918-1998), who redefined the role of dance in musical theater and is also considered America's greatest native-born ballet choreographer.
This meticulously researched and elegantly written story of a life's work is illuminated by photographs, enlivened by anecdotes, and grounded in insights into ballets and musical comedies that have been seen and loved all over the world.

"This is the definitive biography."
-- The Houston Chronicle

"To read Ms. Jowitt's extraordinarily revealing book is to be in the presence of Jerome Robbins."
-- Edward Villella

"It is candid yet balanced, insightful about his work and revelatory about his theater. It lays bare the tension between Robbins the person and Robbins the artist."
-- Los Angeles Times

"Jowitt's fascinating biography of the innovative director of Broadway musicals and choreographer of masterpieces for the New York City Ballet...trenchantly reveal[s] Robbins's relationship with his own beliefs....Compelling."
-- The New York Times Book Review (front page)

"Ms. Jowitt's book has the authenticity that comes only from being there."
-- Twyla Tharp