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Published by Solaris
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Scions have no limits. Scions do not die. And Scions do not disappear.

Sergeant Ted Regan has a problem. A son of one of the great corporate families, a Scion, has gone missing at the front. He should have been protected by his Ironclad – the lethal battle suits that make the Scions masters of war – but something has gone catastrophically wrong.

Now Regan and his men, ill-equipped and demoralised, must go behind enemy lines, find the missing Scion, and uncover how his suit failed. Is there a new Ironclad-killer out there? And how are common soldiers lacking the protection afforded the rich supposed to survive the battlefield of tomorrow?

A new standalone novella by the Arthur C Clarke Award-winning author of Children of Time.

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of the acclaimed ten-book Shadows of the Apt series, the Echoes of the Fall series, and other novels, novellas and short stories including Children of Time (which won the Arthur C. Clarke award in 2016), and its sequel, Children of Ruin (which won the British Science Fiction Award in 2020). He lives in Leeds in the UK and his hobbies include entomology and board and role-playing games.

"The wars of Tchaikovsky’s future are brutal, inhuman, and strangely awe-inspiring in their horror." -- Liz Bourke, Locus Magazine

– Liz Bourke, Locus Magazine

"Ironclads dramatises the conflicts between rich and poor, right and left, public and private in a brutally satirical fashion. At the same time, it’s an enormously entertaining story." -- SFcrowsnest

– SFcrowsnest

"A smart, sharp look at warfare in a near future that may not be, but feels like a funhouse mirror on our present." -- Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together

– nerds of a feather, flock together

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