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Investing In Nanotechnology

Think Small. Win Big

Profit big by investing in the science of the very small—Investing in Nanotechnology shows you how.

Nanotechnology—the art and science of manipulating and rearranging individual molecules to create useful materials, devices, and systems—is the business world’s next revolution. Within the next decade, nanotechnology is predicted to account for $1 trillion worth of products in the US and will transform a number of industries, including manufacturing, health care, energy, agriculture, communications, electronics, and more. Investing in Nanotechnology teaches you everything you need to know to be a part of this exciting and groundbreaking sea change, from relevant information on more than 100 leading public and private nanotech companies—and how to spot the mere “nano-pretenders” from the real players—to savvy and comprehensive advice on investing in nanotechnology for maximum rewards and minimum risk. Prepare for the nanotech shift today, to cash in tomorrow.

Jack Uldrich, president of The NanoVertias Group, is the leading voice in America on nanotechnology today. Formerly the chief strategy advisor to Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Uldrich is a sought-after speaker on the ever-growing nanotechnology circuit. His articles on nanotechnology have appeared in various publications, including the Motley Fool. He has been interviewed for ABC News, the Weekend Edition of NPR, and has been a featured speaker for numerous Fortune 100 companies. 

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