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About The Book

This international bestseller is a startlingly assured first novel of deception, ambiguity, and shattering revelations.

A British surgeon risks everything to return to the remote Canadian wilderness to fight accusations from a ruthless woman whose twins he may or may not have fathered. Fatal Attraction meets Smilla's Sense of Snow in a richly suspenseful and atmospheric debut novel in which a man makes one mistake but pays dearly for another.

Reading Group Guide

1) The prologue, which follows a native boy hunting in the wilderness, is the sole instance in the book in which the narrative follows a character other than Dafydd. What tone does the scene set for the novel? How does it contrast with the tone of the first chapter, introducing Dafydd? Does the seeming disparity of narratives increase the mystery of the story? How? Do the supernatural elements in the prologue influence your acceptance of them later in the story?
2) The various sexual encounters described in the novel often seem dysfunctional. How do these affect your perception of Dafydd's actions and intentions?
3) Dafydd's narrative is split between the present day and his time in Moose Creek fifteen years prior. How has the place changed in the interim? How have his reactions to it altered? Is he now better suited to the wilderness, though this time forced by circumstances to be there?
4) Dafydd loves two women greatly over the course of the novel. How are these loves different? Is one more valid than the other?
5) Dafydd's first assignment as a doctor in Northern Canada is collecting bits of a man who died in a horrible accident. What other gruesome situations does he deal with, as a doctor? How does this deepen the sense of unease in the narrative?
6) At the outset of the novel, Dafydd has decided he does not want to be a father. He was once a paediatric surgeon - how much do you think his past comes to bear on his wariness of children? How has he changed by the end of Ice Trap? What has he learned from each of the children?
7) Initially haunted by dreams of a fox, Dafydd meets a Inuit shaman, Angutitaq, who transforms the ghost of Dafydd's past into a spirit guide. How does the transformation of the animal mirror Dafydd's transformation? How does the fox come to help him later in the story? Why do you think a symbol of his guilt was able to become such a positive force in his life?
8) Ian is Dafydd's best friend in the town, but Ian eventually betrays him. Does knowing about the tragedies of Ian's past affect your opinion of the character? Do you see his final choice as a generous act or a selfish one?
9) How does the character of Sleeping Bear challenge Dafydd's view of himself as an outsider in the town? How does he help Dafydd to change? Do you think his grandson's resentment of him is justified? Was it fair for him to treat his inheritance the way he does?
10) How does Charlie's ordeal mirror Dafydd's? In what ways does it eclipse Dafydd's? Charlie's lost a leg to a polar bear attack, but says, laughing, "When you gotta eat, you gotta eatÉBelieve it or not, I don't hold it against him." (Pg. 340) Can Sheila's actions be explained in the same way? To some degree, can she be forgiven?
11) How does the meaning of the title, Ice Trap change over the course of the novel? Were you surprised to find it was the name of Uyarasuq's sculpture? What do you think is the significance of the sculpture falling into the ocean?
12) By the end of the novel, Dafydd has found peace within himself, and a resolution to the lies and turmoil surrounding him, but many questions remain. What do you think happens to these characters? Does Dafydd return to Wales or stay in Canada?
Reading Group Tips
  • What would your spirit guide be? What situation in your life do you think would form one? Sketch a picture of this animal, or, like Uyarasuq, create art to commemorate a challenging moment. Name your picture, and share your story with the group.
  • In Ice Trap, nature is not only brutal, but breathtaking and life-changing as well. Why not organize a nature hike, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing excursion for your group? Live in the city? Hold your meeting in a city park to brave the elements.
  • Dafydd's life is transformed by his interaction with northern natives. Do some research on the northern tribes, and share with the group what you find interesting in their histories and philosophies.

About The Author

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Kitty Sewell, a psychotherapist and a sculptor, was born in Sweden but met her husband, a young English doctor, while living in Northern Canada. Sewell and her family now divide their time between Wales and Spain, where they own and operate a fruit plantation. Translated into more than ten languages, Ice Trap is Sewell's first novel.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Gallery Books (November 24, 2009)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781439188316

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Raves and Reviews

"Compelling fiction from a newcomer...laced with erotic scenes...dark and intriguing..." --Kirkus

"Intriguing...compulsively readable." -- Publishers Weekly

"Every page quivers with exquisite tension. Erotic and deeply haunting, Ice Trap is a stunningly beautiful debut that you will not soon forget." -- Tess Gerritsen, author of The Bone Garden

"Chilling and compelling." -- J.A. Jance, New York Times bestselling author of Hand of Evil and Justice Denied

"Ice Trap is a gripping thriller set in a fascinating and exotic locale. You won't want to put this one down as you follow the compelling characters across an icy Arctic landscape toward a powerful and extraordinarily moving conclusion." -- Peter Robinson, author of Friend of the Devil

"Dark and erotic." -- Mail on Sunday

"An involving narrative, a sharply observed cast and an atmospherically evoked and unusual setting." -- The Guardian

"Highly intriguing, evocative and atmospheric. Deception, manipulation and painful pasts are slowly unveiled. I loved it." -- Bookseller

"Brilliant debut...a fine novel of psychological suspense that takes hold and doesn't let go." -- The Globe and Mail (Canada)

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