I Hope This Helps

Comics and Cures for 21st Century Panic

An illustrated guide to the absurdities of our phone-obsessed modern life from one of the sharpest wits in webcomics2

Tommy Siegel's writing is sweet, sarcastic, and hilarious — targeting specific aspects of pop culture while still appealing to a general audience. Through simple doodles and amusing characters, Tommy's comics express endless amusement about our phone-obsessed modern society, including the stages of gentrification, how to cope with anxiety, and what your method of coffee preparation says about you. This collection includes highlights from Tommy's viral "500 Days of Comics" project, along with three essays about the experience of being a creative person in the age of social media and how our phones are changing our brains and relationships. Tommy's writing is as scathing as it is sincere, while always keeping a funny, lighthearted tone. This collection also introduces the Candy Hearts characters, a brilliant vehicle for expressing all the ways in which romantic couples are not always on the same page. A must-read for comics-lovers of all ages and backgrounds.