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I Didn'T Plan To Be A Witch

And Other Surprises Of A Joyful Mother

About The Book

Linda Eyre, who co-authored the New York Times bestseller Teaching Your Children Values, has nine children. She knows that although no mother plans to be a witch, there are times when every mother does a terrific job of playing the part.
In her reassuring and hilarious report on being a mother in today's hectic world, Linda honestly describes not only the vital importance and magnificent moments of motherhood, but also those days when mothers feel they are living in a Roadrunner cartoon that never ends. She shares her own experiences with managing unmanageable schedules, coping with mealtime chaos, trying to find time for herself, and the sometimes desperate measures and compromises that are necessary to get it all done (and even then, not always). Whether offering advice on streamlining your life, coping with the martyr syndrome, or ignoring the outrageous demands of toddlers and teens with serenity and grace (or not), Linda Eyre speaks with the voice of experience.

About The Author

Richard and Linda Eyre are writers, educators, and public speakers on topics such as parenting, life-balance, and family-strengthening. They have spoken before the American Bar Association, the AARP, the American Dental Association, executives at Fortune 100 Companies like Disney and Merck, and many more. Richard and Linda are the authors of more than two dozen books, including How to Talk to Your Child About Sex, Empty-Nest Parenting, The Entitlement Trap, Teaching Your Children Joy, and the #1 national bestseller Teaching Your Children Values.

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