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How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Discover your psychic powers and learn to use the wonders of nature and the world around you as magical tools of divination.

• Practical and enjoyable exercises help readers reconnect with their innate psychic sensitivity.

• Includes 75 methods and practices of divination from around the world.

Since the beginning of time, diviners and seers have been finding signs and omens in the world around them--in pools of water, tea leaves, delicate patterns of cracked animal bones, and the ripples of clouds in the sky. Because these observers have been able to tap into a deeper level of awareness, they have come to sense hidden truths in powerful and mysterious ways. In modern times we call those who possess these abilities "psychic," but native cultures accepted that each of us has an innate sixth sense and can learn how to read the forces of nature that appear before us.

In this fascinating and enlightening guide, historian and psychic Sarvananda Bluestone shows us how our innate knowledge can be rediscovered, allowing us to become far more in tune with our surroundings than we ever dreamed possible. He teaches us to use everyday objects and the wonders of nature as magical tools that offer a window into the future--and ourselves. Whether watching birds cross the morning sky or divining the subtle energies of the earth, you will see the world in an entirely new light. Filled with practical exercises, How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life demonstrates how the discovery of the power within ourselves requires nothing more than a little guidance and a willingness to see.


Divination is as natural as breath and breathing. The Greek goddess Psyche was, among other things, the goddess of breath and the soul. The meaning of the Greek word psyche is literally "breath." The soul and breath were intertwined and are regarded so in many cultures.
We do not struggle to breathe. Similarly, use of the psychic ability is something that happens with ease. One does not work to achieve a Ph.D. in psychic awareness any more than one studies to breathe. It comes naturally and with ease. And the younger we are, the more naturally we breathe. All we need to do is to watch an infant sleep, watch the deep and relaxed breaths, to see how natural it is.
From Chapter 1
Omens are rooted very much in the human condition. People have always wanted some security in the face of the unknown. We have always wanted certainty and a measure of control over that which was coming to be. To a cave dweller ten thousand years ago, the world must have seemed a scary place. For one thing, this cave dweller did not know whether he would have enough food to last the winter. If the right animal did not come his way he or if he and his fellow hunters did not locate enough food before the snows came, he would die, along with his family and community.
Human beings are the only species on this planet with a consciousness of mortality. And there is no doubt that omens are a response to our ancient fear of death. It is the knowledge of our mortality that gives us a notion of time passing and time coming to be.
We look for signs to guide us into the unknown. We are the only species that consciously plans and tries to live beyond the here and now. We are the only species that wants to know what will happen. And how. And when. And where. And we are undoubtedly the only species that asks "why?"
Originally omens were quite natural. Human beings have always used omens to figure out the world around them. When would the rains come? When would winter's ice and snow cover the land? Where were the animals necessary for food? It was only through generations of observation and perception that people came to know the world around them and the signs that helped them to decipher it. . . .
We learn to pick up signs when we are very young. When we are babies, our mothers communicate to us with a host of signs. There is the smell of tension or love or fear. There is the quality of touch. There is the taste of mother, of home and the milk of life. The Earth Mother gives us signs all the time. Nowhere was this more evident than among the people of the New World. For the Native Americans the Earth Mother and nature have been the guiding forces in all divination. From the dawn of the rich oral tradition to the present, Native American people have looked to nature for signs, omens, and guidance. This has always been a way of life rather than a philosophy or religion. It has been born out of the experience of the natural world.
From Chapter 9
What has made kids and diviners so special is that they have been able to see the world as if they had never seen it before. They can see all kinds of things because they let themselves. All of us can do that.
For kids and diviners there is nothing strange about seeing the world in a plate of spaghetti or hearing birds talk. Diviners are artists that see the world as their palette. Just about everything can be read. And just about everything has been read from elephant dung to white horses; from ripples in the leaves to clouds; from sneezes to blinks. The entire world is our mirror.

About The Author

Sarvananda Bluestone, Ph.D., received his doctorate in history from the University of Wisconsin. After years of teaching, he left academia behind for an ashram in India and then a spiritual community in Oregon. He now lives and works in New York.

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Raves and Reviews

"Sarvananda Bluestone in one compelling excursus sweeps out the New Age fundamentalist fallacy that all our oracles need be Chinese or Gypsy. Rather he shows us, with a refreshing wisdom, how to let nature and the raw material of our experience be our projecting screen for the wisdom faculty of the soul. How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life should be required reading for Divination 101!"

– Stephen Larsen, author of A Fire in the Mind: The Life of Joseph Campbell

"Sarvananda Bluestone is a rare combination: a gifted psychic who is also a scholar and a scholar whose clear and lively writing style is accessible to all. In How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life, Dr. Bluestone offers a smorgasbord of fun, easy, and magical games with which anyone can tap in to the latent sixth sense that is our birthright as humans."

– Helen Weaver, author of The Daisy Sutra: Conversations with My Dog and editor of The Larousse Encycl

"In this fascinating paperback he presents 75 exercises for finding signs and omens in the everyday world. Bluestone's exercises are helpful, provoking us to read the world around us."

– Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Health, May 2002

"[The author] demonstrates that of the power within requires nothing more than a little guidance and a willingness to see."

– Sedona, May 2002

"Bluestone has put together an interactive workbook giving us games to play, questions to answer and exercises to do."

– Diane Wilde, SHE magazine, June 2003

"Bluestone's exercises are helpful, provoking us to read the world around us."

– Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Health, 06/03

"Bluestone shows us how our innate knowledge can be rediscovered, allowing us to become more in tune with our surroundings."

– Arizona networking News, June/July 2002

"I would recommend this book to people who want to develop their intuition and explore some very interesting, ancient divining tools. The exercises are fun, and will entertain as well as educate."

– Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn

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