How do we stop climate change?

Mind Mappers: Making Tricky Subjects Easy to Understand

Illustrated by Ana Seixas

Global warming is an important, yet complicated, subject to understand. This book makes it accessible to everyone.

Using a visual thinking technique called ‘mind mapping’, complex ideas are broken down into a clear flow of visual information. The ‘mind map’ connects the information graphically, making it easy to grasp.

Tom Jackson has been a writer for over 20 years. He has written more than 100 books and contributed to many more, covering everything from axolotls to zoroastrianism. His specialities are natural history, technology and all things scientific.

Ana studied at the Escola de la Dona in Barcelona and has emerged as a bright young star in the world of illustration. Ana’s playful style combines textures and patterns with a vibrant colour palette to create fun artworks, which are full of character. Ana describes her work as ‘always optimistic and a little naive’, which sums up her joyful portfolio perfectly.