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Hadamar is the story of Ingrid Marchand, a young woman of mixed German-French-African race and her struggle to survive as the Nazis rise to power and Hitler's barbaric racial policies are introduced. While Ingrid's colour has always ostracisedher in the community, the rise of Adolf Hitler increases the level of hatred and prejudice to a new, frightening level. When Ingrid begins to suffer from epileptic fits, she is forcibly sterilised and sent to Hadamar, an institution for the mentally and physically disabled.  There she discovers the true horrors of the Nazi regime, as well as a strength she never knew she had.,

Jason Foster is an author, poet, journalist and secondary school history teacher.  He holds a Masters in History and has taught internationally.  He is a multi-published author across a range of mediums and the author of a number of successful true crime, history and children's books.