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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

For Healing, Harmony, and Purification

Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

The first practical book on how to use salt crystal lamps

• Explains the mental and physical benefits of these lamps

• Shows where to place them for maximum effectiveness

• Discusses how to use them to enhance meditation, relaxation, Reiki, positive thinking, and chakra work

Natural salt crystal has been credited with a range of curative powers, from air purification to migraine relief to protection against airborne germs. Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas, where they have absorbed mineral elements that enrich them and imbue them with different colors, salt crystal lamps release healing negative ions into the air when turned on. Like the energizing negative ions released in the natural settings of mountains, waterfalls, or beaches, the negative ions emitted by these lamps increase oxygen flow to the brain, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost daytime energy. These ions also naturally counteract the effects of the electromagnetic waves we are bombarded with from appliances like televisions, computers, and air conditioners. Salt crystal lamps have also proved to protect against airborne germs and can reduce the symptoms of allergies, sinus problems, “brain fog,” and insomnia.

This book offers in-depth instructions on where to place these lamps in the home for maximum effectiveness, how to choose the optimal color lamp based on its color’s therapeutic benefits, and how to use them to enhance meditation, relaxation, Reiki, positive thinking, and chakra work.


Chapter 7

Salt Crystal lamps and Parapsychic Sciences

Using salt crystal lamps tends to limit possible dangers associated with parapsychic practices and to enhance these practices, bringing forth certain unused abilities of the human brain. In this chapter we have concentrated on some of them; the sections are arranged in alphabetical order and will tell you how to use your lamps in the best way within such a perspective.


Salt crystal lamps are closely connected to the first three chakras: Muladhara (the root chakra, connected to energy and vitality), Svadhisthana (the chakra of sexuality and self-control), and Manipura (connected to willpower). It’s very simple to get the lamps to act directly on these chakras. Start by choosing the lamp that mirrors as closely as possible the corresponding color of the chakra energy center that you would like to open and energize. Either use a small-or medium-size lamp to do this. Light it up for about two hours, then turn off all other sources of light and put yourself in a lotus position (or seated if you can not master this position) facing the lamp.
Empty your mind and get completely absorbed in gazing at your salt crystal lamp for a length of between 10 and 20 minutes, maximum. You should keep doing this procedure every day for a week.
The major advantage that salt crystal lamps have over other techniques for opening the chakras is that they enable your body to open at its own rhythm, so that you avoid unpleasant side effects. If you wish to energize all of your energetic bodies independently of the colors associated with them, turn to a large-size lamp.


Meditation and relaxation techniques practiced through the use of salt crystal lamps greatly enhance the emergence of clairvoyance and its amplification. Some people find salt crystal lamps even more effective as supports for clairvoyance than crystal balls.
Place a salt lamp on the table where you are working. Regardless of your current ability level, you will come to realize that you are a great deal more effective. You will soon obtain visual and auditory flashes of a rare quality thanks to its contribution. The lamp should be placed to your right, but should remain in your visual field. If you are attempting to increase your concentration, don’t hesitate to place your forehead on the top of the lamp or both your hands around it. If you are working with other objects to support your efforts, place them at the base of a lighted salt crystal lamp for three entire days. This will make them immediately more efficient as soon as you use them.

Crystal Programming

Rather than contradicting each other, the energies of crystals and salt crystal lamps work together for your greater well-being. Crystal programming consists of projecting events into a crystal’s “memory” in order to accelerate the desired result. We use this word memory for lack of anything better, but it should be understood more in the sense of a computer memory than in the perspective of any sort of “humanization.” Numerous experiments done with specialists in the field have proved that you get longer-lasting results, and get them much faster, by doing programming with your hand outstretched above a salt crystal lamp. Using a lamp whose color tends toward a dark orange, but without overly going into the red color zones, further enhances results.
Practitioners of crystal programming know that between each new programmed goal, a crystal must be “de-saturated.” This is often achieved by plunging the crystal into a basin of water salted with rock salt. However, a large salt crystal lamp can also serve to purify crystals. Just place your crystal at the foot of the lit lamp for one whole night.


For countless centuries, invoking the dead belonged to the domain of ritual magic. Consequently, it needed powerful occult protection. When you open a breech, a passage between two levels of realities, many energies that are not necessarily desired can attempt to rush into it. The person doing this could in fact be confronted by interferences foreign to the spirits originally invoked as well as powers over which he or she is unable to have absolute control.
Whether your spiritualism practice includes automatic writing, Ouija boards, or séance tables, the presence of a salt crystal lamp will bring greater safety, drawing spirits with good intentions toward the practitioner. The lamp should be set up and turned on at least three hours before the beginning of a session. It should be placed midway between any objects being used and the far edge of the table. Ideally, three lamps would be used, set up in a triangle formation with a small lamp at the top and two medium-size lamps forming the base. Whatever the spiritualist methodology being used, the salt crystal lamps will have a double function: first of all, to purify the atmosphere and offer protection; second, to serve as a contact object (facilitating an easy return to this realm).


As discussed in the chapter on relaxation techniques, a salt crystal lamp in a room guarantees good concentration. The room will seem lighter, purified. After a few sessions of passive meditation, over several days, you can go on to the visualization stage. The lamp should be turned on a few hours before the concentration or visualization is to begin. Turn off any central lighting and concentrate your attention on the salt crystal lamp. You will notice that visualization is accomplished in an amazingly fluid way, whatever your degree of experience in the matter may be, without your having the impression of making the slightest effort.

About The Author

Clémence Lefèvre is a specialist in the therapeutic use of stones and minerals. She gives lectures and workshops on the qualities and benefits of minerals as well as natural methods for harmonizing the home using techniques such as feng shui. The author of two other books in French, she lives in Paris.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (October 15, 2009)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594773099

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Raves and Reviews

"In the modern world we often forget the ancient importance of something as simple as salt. . . . of tremendous value to anyone who is a healer."

– Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide magazine, Jan/Feb/Mar 2010

“The visualizations and the paranormal sciences made interesting reading this book has re-ignited my desire to have a salt lamp not only in my home but also in my therapy room.”

– Sally Tyler, Paradigm Shift, December 2010

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