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Hero Squared Vol. 3

Love and Death

Book #3 of Hero Squared
Illustrated by Nathan Watson
Published by BOOM! Studios
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The final volume of the comedy deconstruction of the superhero genre in the vein of THE INCREDIBLES.

It's the return of Captain Valor, his parallel-world alter-ego, Milo, and at least one homicidal ex-girlfriend! DeMatteis' and Giffen's geeeenius super-hero series Hero Squared is back for a finale that will leave you gobsmacked!

"May be the best, most cring-inducing realistic look at love and relationships ever in a silly superhero comic." – Newsarama


"It's nice to have the whole squabbling, dysfunctional gang back again." – ComiXtreme


"You've heard of comics that deconstruct the superhero mythos, but you've never read one quite like this!" – Project Fanboy

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