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Heavenly Bodies Astrology

A deck of 51 cards and little guide book

Heavenly Bodies Astrology is a hand-illustrated, 51 card deck and guidebook plus keepsake box. It can be used in 3 ways: an oracle to communicate with spirit guides, a tool to learn astrology or as a visual aid to decode astrological placement (hello Full Moon lovers).

Lily Ashwell, author and illustrator, reimagines the ancient world of astrology for the modern day. Her fresh perspective puts a practical spin on this age-old subject, inspiring seekers to develop their own connection to the heavens and incorporate astrology into daily life. And with a background in fashion, she speaks to the soul-searcher with an eye for design. The sheer beauty of the deck and guidebook make them works of art, at home among your most treasured items. The deck is comprised of The Planets, The Signs of The Zodiac, The Houses, The Major Aspects and The Natural Zodiac. And the guidebook not only takes you, step by step, through the meaning of each card, but offers a concise overview of astrology and explains your unique relationship to the energies. The guidebook offers illustrated direction on how to use the cards—which can be as simple as picking a single, daily affirmation or creating more in-depth spreads to explore the meaning behind specific life events. The cards can also be used as a study tool to learn astrology. Students are encouraged to create weekly spreads and with familiarity of use "accidentally learn" astrology. And an utterly unique way to use the deck, is to create visual spreads of any astrological placement. This concept is an accessible way to begin the art of chart reading—whether you want to decode your own birth chart or explore the current cosmic climate.