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Happy at Work

How to Create a Happy, Engaging Workplace for Today's (and Tomorrow's!) Workforce

About The Book

Revamp your workplace culture with these 100 accessible strategies for creating a supportive, flexible, productive, and happy work environment, perfect for managers, human resource representatives, and other workplace leaders.

It’s time to update your workplace culture! One of the most important reasons people today choose to stay—or leave—a job is the culture of the company. As people become more socially conscious; focus more on wellness, self-care, and work-life balance; and seek jobs where they feel a real connection, it’s more important than ever to think about the elements of a job between the work itself. But how do you create a culture that people enjoy while staying productive and successful?

In Happy at Work, you’ll first learn a bit more about why a happy workplace is so important and how it can benefit both the individual employees and the company as a whole. Then, it’s time to take action. Considering new trends in the workplace and the ever-changing workplace, this book provides 100 strategies for improving your work environment.

You’ll learn to tackle big topics that are important to people today, such as:
-Providing fair compensation and benefits
-Giving your employees real recognition and rewards
-Respecting diverse needs
-Cultivating a healthy work-life balance
-And much more!

This book not only provides great ideas for changing your workplace for the better, but also provides clear guidance on how to make those changes happen. Whether you’re a new manager, a long-time HR representative, or another leader ready to make a change, Happy at Work gives you everything you need to know to revitalize your workplace and make you (and your employees) happy to come to work every single day.

About The Author

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Robyn L. Garrett is CEO of the leadership technology company Beamably, and also TikTok’s leadership muse. After many years as a startup executive, Robyn became tired of working with “leaders” that continuously put profits before people. She wanted to guide a new generation of leaders, teaching them to bring a “beam” of light into the lives of others. Now, she is building tools and technology to further this mission. Robyn has been featured as a leadership expert by NPR, The Hill, The Wall Street Journal, Talent Quarterly, and numerous podcasts and other media outlets. Learn more at

Why We Love It

“Workplace culture is often one of the biggest reasons people decide to leave a job, so it’s important to make sure yours is positive, supportive, and respectful of your employees as individuals. Perfect for new managers, HR professionals, or anyone in a leadership position who’s ready to shake things up, the one hundred activities in this book give advice on everything from giving your team real support to making systemic changes from the top down. With a little help from Robyn L. Garrett, the CEO of leadership technology company Beamably and TikTok’s ‘leadership muse’, this book is the must-have tool to help you create that positive workplace culture.”

—Julia J., Editor, on Happy at Work

Product Details

  • Publisher: Adams Media (September 5, 2023)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781507221105

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Raves and Reviews

“My favorite is Chapter 7, which is all about how to achieve work-life balance. My daily battle! I got great tactical advice, with examples laid out nicely for me. Garrett’s tone made me feel ready and accepted. On the go? Each chapter lays out what to expect, and you won’t be disappointed. She gets right to the point and makes me feel confident about facing my challenges head-on. Don’t walk to get this book—run!”

—Elainy Mata, Harvard Business Review

Digestible, actionable, and honest are how I describe this book. Happy at Work is what leaders who want to improve themselves need when they aren’t sure where to start. A wonderful reminder that there’s always something we should be willing to improve upon—because people depend on us.”

—Franky “Tank” Rhodes, aPHR, @hrsagentofchaos on TikTok

“If you are responsible for managing people in the corporate world, I highly recommend! Garrett brings tangible advice for leaders of an intergenerational workforce and offers sound guidance on how to create a workplace culture that is not only positive but authentic. I was inspired by how she made the concepts so approachable and easy to apply. You’ll want to keep this book in your office for reference—and it won’t get a chance to collect dust.”

—Sequoia Owen, leadership coach, workplace culture consultant

“Adapting to challenges in the workplace requires understanding leadership’s role in integrating changes into the culture. Happy at Work isn’t just a great read—its strategies are necessary to reach success. Garrett addresses how to maintain collective value in the workplace, describes the three tenets of workplace culture, and provides systematic changes to learn and grow.”

—Bella Rushi, author of The Innovative Executive: Leading Intelligently in the Age of Disruption

“Creating a thriving workplace culture is crucial in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Robyn L. Garrett’s groundbreaking book, Happy at Work, gives you one hundred strategies to transform your work environment into a supportive, flexible, productive, and happy one. It’s an essential read for leaders who want to cultivate a culture in which employees feel valued and motivated. Happy at Work isn’t just a collection of ideas; it’s a road map to a better workplace, and it deserves to be on the reading list of every leader who wants to create a productive, successful, and welcoming workplace.”

—Jha’nee Carter, founder and CEO of The HRQUEEN

“Robyn L. Garrett’s book, Happy at Work, is a timely road map to workplace effectiveness. Given the rise of recent and unique employer challenges, Garrett offers a refreshing, holistic, and practical take on organizational trends, while giving tangible tips that leaders can directly apply. Backed by cutting-edge research, this is a must-read for leaders at any and all levels.”

—Allison Barr, MBA, MAP, global Leadership Solutions consultant and faculty

“What I particularly love about Garrett’s premise is that we are all accountable for our own happiness. As leaders, it’s our job to role-model this accountability and create a culture that allows our team the space to create their own happiness. I love that Garrett is creating this ‘how-to’ book that today’s—and tomorrow’s—leaders can use to reshape the corporate environment.”

—Mel Savage, executive coach, host of The Career Reset podcast

Happy at Work is a clarion call for modern executives to stop talking about culture and start building it with passion and intention. Robyn L. Garrett highlights the economic benefits of being happy at work and offers a practical path forward that’s accessible to anyone with the courage to take the first step.”

—Gregory Offner Jr., author of Tip Jar Culture

Happy at Work is a modern guide to being a great leader in today’s working world. The work environment is going through a massive paradigm shift, and Garrett’s book is full of reasonable, actionable tips to help leaders navigate this new normal. If you manage a team, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for!”

—Colin Rocker, TikTok career influencer

“Creating truly human workplaces requires courageous and empathetic leaders. Happy at Work is a practical, approachable playbook that offers a blueprint for leaders at any level to create empowered, effective and, most importantly, happy teams. If you want to be a leader people love to work for, consider this required reading.”

—Naveed Siddiqui, executive coach, future of Work Advisor

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