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When a bloody body is found in Sigmund Freud’s study, inspector Maurice Le Blanc is left to figure out how the mysterious body fits into the recent epidemic of women’s deaths in the chaotic society of Vienna.

Behind the enchanting and tantalizing world of new music, art, fashion, literature, psychology, and love that permeate Vienna, there lies the mysterious deaths of multiple women—some by murder, some by suicide. While Dr. Sigmund Freud takes leave to Paris, a bloody body is discovered in his study, disappearing just as quickly as it was discovered.

Amidst the mounting anti-Semitic pressures to lay blame of the deaths at the door of Jews, Police Inspector Maurice LeBlanc races against the clock to solve the murders and suicides before a riot ensues.

Filled with “real” characters, from Freud himself to Edith Wharton and many others, Henry James’ Midnight Song brilliantly blends history and fiction in a fast-moving, breathtakingly original novel.