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Group Work With Overwhelmed Clients

How the Power of Groups Can Help People Transform

Respected experts June Gary Hopps and Elaine Pinderhughes advocate for the efficiency and power of group therapy in this first-of-its-kind handbook that will aid social service agency administrators, clinicians, and paraprofessionals in the implementation of group counseling.

When considering the benefits of group counseling, it is no surprise that group psychotherapy is proven to be one of the most effective treatments for overwhelmed clients.

Now, from the educated and experienced minds of Hopps and Pinderhughes comes an authoritative, comprehensive guide that explores the use of group therapy in poor and oppressed populations to help cope with addiction, gang membership, job preparation, sex education, and many other topics.

Group Work for Overwhelmed Clients offers case-specific vignettes, insights on leader issues, and practical application methods in the form of hands-on guides and step-by-step instructions to organizing groups, targeting and screening members, establishing goals, and managing group dynamics.

Unlike books that focus on single-issue therapy, this one-of-a-kind guide presents an approach to integrated treatment, demonstrating that the sharing, support, and empowerment from group settings can be life-transforming.