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Grief Street

NYPD detective Neil Hockaday returns to solve the cases of a murdered rabbi and a Catholic procession sprayed with gunfire in this “beautifully written” addition to the Edgar-winning crime thriller series by Thomas Adcock (The Washington Post).

Acting on his conscience, Neil Hockaday reports a fellow cop for bias and brutality, but just as he takes a risk in-office, a killer on the streets of Manhattan reminds him that not everyone has a mind for morality.

When a rabbi is murdered by a shadowy figure in front of his shocked congregation and a group of Catholics is gunned down on Good Friday, Hock must set his department issues aside and bring justice to the city.

While coping with tensions within the force, an ugly act of retaliation, and the pressures of a panicked mayor, Hock must search for a suspect with motives rooted in hatred, madness, and dark secrets of the past…​

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