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Great Thinkers on Great Questions

Published by Oneworld Publications
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Great minds of the 20th century answer life’s monumental questions

Is there a God? Are our choices free? Does the soul exist? "Great Thinkers on Great Questions" presents cogent answers from some of the greatest thinkers of modern times to fifteen of the most enduring questions faced by humanity. Drawing on a diverse range of views from such influential figures as Richard Swinburne, Alvin Plantinga and Keith Ward, the book broaches God and atheism, ethics, truth, free will, and the compatibility of science and religion. For questioning minds who seek alternative philosophical viewpoints, this is a unique insight into the fundamental questions which epitomize the human condition.

Roy Abraham Varghese is an experienced author and editor on the subject of science and religion. His book Cosmic Beginnings and Human Endings won the Templeton Book Prize for Theology in 1995. Time magazine described his book Cosmos, Bios, Theos as "the year's most intriguing book about God".

"A truly great, accessible volume of replies by different philosophers to some of life's most profound questions."

– Charles Taliaferro

"The lively format of this fascinating book enables us to watch eminent thinkers grapple incisively with classic positions and elegantly articulate their own powerfully compelling viewpoints."

– Joseph Runzo

"An impressive and diverse range of prominent philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers offer their answers to life’s 'great questions'."

– Tim Mawson - Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford

"A wonderful treasury of incisive arguments by eminent modern writers."

– Robert Trigg - Emeritus Professor in Philosophy, Warwick University