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Gods of Aberdeen

A Novel

Micah Nathan was born in Hollywood, raised in Western New York farm country, and now lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with his wife. He is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo. Gods of Aberdeen is his first novel.

"A malevolently thrilling coming-of-ager wrapped in a philosophical detective tale."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"A spooky psychological drama that delivers, Gods of Aberdeen drew me in from page one. This is a gripping debut that haunted me long after I put the book down."
-- Sean Desmond, author of Adams Fall

"Gods of Aberdeen is a taut, elegantly written literary thriller. Part coming-of-age novel, part gothic New England mystery, it will keep you turning the pages to the end. Micah Nathan is a terrific storyteller."
-- Thomas Christopher Greene, author of Mirror Lake

"Open Gods of Aberdeen and step into the halls of a venerable old New England college where a brilliant but reckless student has lured three allies into his deadly pursuit of immortality. Combining the authenticity of The Da Vinci Code with characters right out of Prep, this stylish and intelligent novel deliciously picks up speed for a surprising climax and thoroughly satisfying conclusion."
-- Pam Lewis, author of Speak Softly, She Can Hear