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Forget Prayers, Bring Cake

A Single Woman's Guide to Grieving

We can heal with help from our friends and community if we know how to ask. This book was written for people of all ages and orientations dealing with grief of any sort—professional, personal, romantic, familial, or even the sadness of the modern world.

A book needed now more than ever. The world is soaked in grief right now, as we are quickly approaching a million deaths from COVID-19. Grief is common to the point of moving beyond an occasional weight—it feels now like a perpetual state of being. This book helps teach self-care and self-worth; it shows when and how to ask for love and attention in your communities and how to provide it for others; and it shows that it is okay to define your needs and ask others to share theirs. In a moment where community, affection, and generosity are needed more than ever, this book is a road map. With an expert author who boasts a wide media network and many existing publications, this book should be a leading guide to a healthy mental state in these troubled times. 

Merissa Nathan Gerson is a New Orleans–based writer, Tulane professor, and sex educator. Her written work has been seen in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Playboy, and Tablet, among others. She was the inherited trauma consultant for Amazon’s Emmy Award–winning television show Transparent and continues to speak nationwide on sex, Judaism, LGBTQ inclusion in Jewish spaces, and the inheritance of trauma and memory.