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First Nations Crystal Healing

Working with the Teachers of the Mineral Kingdom

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• Explores the properties and healing uses of 40 important crystals and stones, including quartz, Herkimer diamond, amethyst, and citrine--the coyote stone

• Explains how to spiritually prepare to work with crystals and how to purify and care for them, including how to establish right relationship with a crystal

• Details safe and effective healing techniques, including how to make crystal essences, how to program a crystal, and how to purify the energy centers or perform a healing treatment with clear quartz crystal

Crystals and stones come from Mother Earth, and indigenous medicine people have been using them to help and to heal for millennia. Their techniques, although simple, have proven effective through the innumerable healers who have handed down these teachings across the generations.

With the permission of his elders and teachers, Luke Blue Eagle shares the therapeutic and spiritual use of crystals as taught in the traditions of First Nations tribes. He offers guidance and teachings designed to spiritually and energetically prepare you for crystal healing work, detailing the connections between the five elements and crystals as well as the energetic properties of different colors as they manifest in stones. He explains how to purify, care for, and protect your crystals, including how to establish right relationship with a crystal and perform a consecration ceremony for a new gemstone.

The author explores the properties and healing uses of 38 important crystals and stones, including Herkimer diamond, amethyst, and citrine--the coyote stone. He provides safe and effective healing techniques that include how to make crystal essences, how to program a crystal, and how to purify the energy centers or perform a healing treatment with clear quartz crystal.

Presenting an authentic guide to First Nations wisdom for working with the teachers of the mineral kingdom, Blue Eagle shows that, by forming respectful relationships with crystals and stones, we can not only amplify healing energies and intentions but also bring ourselves back into harmony with Mother Earth.


From Chapter 11: Using Crystals to Help and Heal

There are many ways crystals and stones can be used for healing and making life more interesting. They are the most organized beings in the universe because of their molecular structure. They are near permanent beings as they maintain their incarnation as the beautiful flowers of the mineral world for millennia upon millennia. As they maintain for very long periods of time their organized structure transforming and amplifying all types of energy, they have fascinated mankind from the beginning of our existence upon this planet. Thus, they evoke by their sheer beauty and eternal presence great treasures of the mind and spirit. These are the attributes that make crystals so interesting to work with. They will always remain firm and steady in their faithfulness to incarnate the life mission creation has bestowed upon them. Once you have a crystal friend, it is a crystal friend forever.

Energy follows thought, the ultimate creator of all things. It is said that we are in a dream, the Great Spirit’s dream. It is through the thoughts of Great Spirit that the universe is created. The circumstances and accomplishments we manifest in life always begin as a thought. It is this energy, the energy of thought nourished by our empathy and compassion and then oriented according to a specific ray of the crystal prism that can be amplified and channeled through the programmed crystal.

As far as the practical aspects of working with crystals in a healing mode are concerned there are many ways that they can be used in therapy.

The easiest one and probably a pleasurable and fun way to work with them is to wear them as jewelry. A cut stone has the same properties as a natural stone. But when they are cut, faceted and polished to be used as jewelry, they can be even more beautiful. The metal, gold, silver or platinum upon which they are fixed will amplify or spread out their energy. They become a way to integrate the energies of the stone on a daily basis. We can wear them when we are seeking healing or in circumstances when we are looking to amplify a specific intention.

It’s important that only noble metals be used, as mentioned silver, gold or platinum. Sometimes copper and bronze are used but they have a tendency to oxidize and the color may change. Gold, silver and platinum will not be affected when they are purified in salty water. If you are working with a piece of jewelry that is only coated with a noble metal, the underlying metal alloy may react to the water and the salt. It might rust or lose its shine. Noble metals like silver, gold and platinum also have specific energies. Gold being a very solar energy and silver being a lunar energy. Platinum has been associated with Neptune, Venus and with Mercury. These are very different planets in their energy but what must be retained here is that platinum is a recently discovered metal and has not been associated as much in astrology as have the other metals. It’s the most precious metal used in jewelry and as such, if it can be afforded, is more neutral than gold or silver.

Of course, you need to purify the piece of jewelry for a whole week before using it and it is better to encode or program that crystal. We need to give a specific intention or orientation to the crystal, for it to do its work properly. This is one of the secrets of healing that we will study in this book. A clear intention will orient the energy. We need to have the energy going in a specific direction to create balance. Balance, equilibrium is a state of harmony that is synonymous of health. When there is imbalance, disease, discomfort this is because we are not in harmony with the laws of the universe or that our soul’s needs that suffering to learn specific lessons such as control over one’s body and mind or humility.

All stones that are hard enough to be worn without danger of breaking upon small impacts can be used in jewelry. Depending on the type of work it is doing, you will want to purify more or less often. If the healing work to be done is important and urgent, it should be purified every time it is used. If it is only there to produce a specific energy related to your work, it can be purified once a week. You also need to tune in to the life of that piece of jewelry and that stone, as every stone has a personality, to feel the moment when it needs purification. This will come in time. The more you work with crystals the more your perceptions will be accurate in perceiving what the crystal needs. The more you work with energy the more you will become proficient in perceiving different types of energy.

The first energy field around the human body is called the etheric web. This energy field will call upon the energy of the piece of jewelry to bring it to where it is intended. Thus, it is not necessary to wear the piece of jewelry over the specific problem. If you are using peridot to work with your pancreas, you can still wear the peridot on your finger or around your neck. The etheric web will bring that energy where it is needed.

There are colored stones that can create a powerful synergy. The metal of that piece of jewelry will combine the energy of different stones together. Thus, several stones can be used on the same piece of jewelry if they are compatible. Some colors will cancel each other out. For example, wearing red and green together doesn’t work. The two colors cancel each other out. The principles here are quite simple. You can wear two adjacent colors. The order of the rainbow is where you can distinguish adjacent colors. Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, red and so on and so forth. Thus, red can go with yellow and the violet, yellow can go with red or orange, green can go with orange or blue, blue can go with green or indigo, violet can go with red or indigo and so on and so forth. You can amplify any colored stone with a transparent clear crystal stone. This is the most common use we see. For example, you can have an emerald with tiny zircons or diamonds around it, all these clear stones will amplify the effect of the green emerald. Black or white stones should not be combined with colored gems. Use your intuition and then verify your choice with the person for whom you are preparing the combination. For example, kinesiology or dowsing can be effective testing methods. You can wear different types of jewelry at the same time as long as you avoid them touching each other if you have rings on your fingers skip a finger so they don’t touch each other. It’s the same principle that we use when we wrap all the crystals individually in red cloth. They can exchange energy if they are touching. If you have colored stones that are not compatible, they will cancel each other out if the metal of their piece of jewelry is touching.

Another way of benefiting from the energy crystal or stone is to carry a small polished piece on us or in a small pouch. It is better to use a polished or tumbled stone as a raw stone may be abrasive to our clothing and poke holes in our pockets. Multifaceted, polished or tumbled stones all have the same energy as the uncut stone. Only rarely does a stone lose its sheen when it is polished. Those who cut stones know this, they will say that the stone has died or has lost its water. This is a rare occurrence. In general a stone that is cut and polished will retain all of its energy and sheen. You can benefit from the specific vibration of a particular crystal by carrying it on you--in your pocket, for example. However, you must avoid any contact between the crystal and any coins, since they have been touched by many other people. A small pouch can come in useful, either slipped inside a pocket or pinned on to your clothes.

Another way of working with the power of the stone is to program a clear quartz crystal that we carry in the pouch to the specific energy that we need. You see, a quartz crystal being clear and very harmonious to the energies of the human body, can be programmed with the energy of any stone we wish. This is really practical. With a well-prepared clear quartz crystal, you have the potential of having all the different semi-precious and precious stones that you wish to work with. You can program your quartz crystal as an emerald or as a ruby or as a sapphire. You can then purify the crystal and program it with the vibration of another stone. Of course, before doing this, you will want to have a clear sense and feeling of the energy of the specific stone you want to work with. So, at some point in time you do need to meditate a bit with the real stone. But you don’t need to own it. You can borrow it or take time in the gem and mineral show to sit awhile with the crystal that you borrow from a vendor or from a friend. Once you have really felt the energy of a specific stone and it has been integrated into your mind then you will be able to program your quartz crystal with any mineral energy you wish to work with.

Another way of working with the crystal is simply to visualize that stone and its energy. Your mind is what is doing the work. The crystal is only amplifying your energies and thoughts. The real battery from which brings forth the energy for healing comes from the mind. The crystal is only there to orient, amplify or transform the energies with which you want to work. Thus, you can visualize in your mind’s eye the aspects, beauty and energy of a specific crystal and let that image infuse your being. When you have worked long enough in cultivating yourself through meditation, your thoughts are well focused. You can maintain concentration and thus send a specific crystal energy to another person with precision.

Here is a teaching story to illustrate this practice. I was once approached by a journalist who wanted to write an article on my work in a French magazine in the Quebec Province. Our interview went well and she wrote a nice article. When she presented the article to the editor of the magazine, he was not satisfied with it and he wanted to change so many things in her article that she just could not support it and felt a lot of anger around this issue. As she was speaking of this on the phone I could clearly feel that there was a personality conflict between the two. Aquamarine is the stone of choice to harmonize human relationships. I went into my meditation space and I visualized these two people enclosed in a huge aquamarine crystal conversing well with each other and reaching an agreement. A week later the journalist called me and said that she had had a meeting with her editor and they had arrived at a compromise that fit her needs. The article was published.

About The Author

Luke Blue Eagle started working with crystals at a young age. In 1979, after being contacted by his ancestors, he began a 25-year period of training in the indigenous healing arts with elders from several First Nations in Canada and the United States, including William Commanda of the Algonquin nation, Sun Bear of the Chippewa nation, OhShinnàh Fastwolf of the Apache nation, and many others. He lives in the Quebec province of Canada.

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  • Publisher: Bear & Company (September 7, 2021)
  • Length: 264 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434283

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