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Fever Pitch

Threatened by a deadly fever and distracted by a raging love triangle, Eva, Val, and Brian stop at nothing, not even human test subjects, to find a cure that could save the world as they work tirelessly behind the cover of their family-owned pharmacy, even with the looming threat of exposed secrets and blood on their hands in this medical thriller.

Eva—a tantalizing beautiful playgirl whose iron will and fierce determination almost always gets her what she wants.​

Val—the brilliant doctor, too softhearted for her own good, dedicated to finding a cure for the world-ravaging plague.

Brian—newly named president of Traynor Laboratories, he is beset by divided loyalties in the company and divided love for two sisters.

Inside the family-owned pharmaceutical firm, they are hostage to private wars of sex, money, and power—as tied to each other as they were their secrets.

Using convicts from a local prison as test subjects, the trio of Traynor Lab’s races to find a cure for the deadly fever that raged the world over, killing millions. They risk contamination by the virulent disease, but there is another risk that no one considered…one that could expose secrets, end in bloody slaughter, and raise the Traynor torment to a fever pitch.