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Falling Leaf Essences

Vibrational Remedies Using Autumn Leaves

Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A pioneering look into the benefits of essences prepared from autumn leaves, the latest development in vibrational remedies.

• Includes descriptions of 160 falling leaf essences and which aspect they best heal--physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

• Contains case studies, comprehensive charts, and guidelines on how to choose the most effective essences to treat specific ailments.

• Includes falling leaf essence combinations for additional treatment possibilities.

In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Lambert introduces us to an exciting new type of vibrational remedy: falling leaf essences. Autumn embodies the energy of change, transformation, and release. Essences prepared from autumn leaves demonstrate unique healing qualities that can relieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments that are associated with the autumn experiences of our lives: separation, job changes, or the simple release of old patterns.

Through testimonies, case studies, and charts, Dr. Lambert demonstrates how falling leaf essences can be used to treat a wide spectrum of maladies--from racism and fear of love to influenza and rheumatoid arthritis. This comprehensive guide contains descriptions of 160 essences and their individual healing properties--including other new essence types such as bark, seed, and modified flower essences from Dr. Lambert's alchemical laboratory--as well as the theory, history, and philosophy of falling leaf essences.


Pages 1-3
A CHARACTERISTIC FEATURE OF THE INTRODUCTION of new remedies in natural medicine in the modern era is excessive promotion. Great waves of popularity for new products sweep the Western world, while the accumulated knowledge and understanding of thousands of valuable natural remedies is seemingly forgotten for the sake of novelty. Perhaps there exists within the human psyche an unsatisfied quest for the universal remedy, the cure-all that is both the fountain of youth and the Holy Grail. As we may infer from the flurries of advertising that promote this ongoing crusade, it appears that the universal panacea should be capable not only of curing all health problems, but also of delivering joy, happiness, and abundant energy on an indefinite basis. It appears that people tend to want to believe in wonder drugs that will fulfill their unmet physical and emotional needs regardless of the actual effects of those substances on their health and well-being. For decades, cigarettes were promoted on a "they'll make you feel good" basis similar to that used today for modern natural health potions.
An observer of this process might well conclude that promotion and understanding are inversely related. That is, the more imbalanced or deficient the understanding of a particular remedy, the greater the promotion required to overcome this deficit.
In reality, the full spectrum of natural remedies, including aloe vera, ginseng, evening primrose oil, shark cartilage, homeopathics, and noni juice, to mention but a few, are all good products, but each has strengths and weaknesses. Using any such substance or group of substances as a cure-all is bound ultimately to generate disillusionment, because it is an illusion from the outset to believe that any substance is best for everything. A more mature approach, which exists, I hope, at least at the practitioner level, is to integrate new substances into a broader therapeutic picture that recognizes areas of strength and areas of weakness inherent in each prescriptive option.
This book explores falling leaf essences, a group of essences that is fundamentally different from those commonly available today. It is an incredibly exciting discovery to find that in the falling leaf essences there is a majestic healing power around the theme of releasing the old and letting go of the past. Those very aspects of your own past, mentally, emotionally, and physically, that you never seemed able to quite overcome or to effectively release, now can be addressed. These new essences are so subtle, yet so incredibly powerful. At times, you will feel them at work on your physical body, encouraging detoxification and release. At other times, they will make themselves known to you in your dreams, with a collage of people and events from the recent and distant past. The emotions and memories of days gone by will again fill your consciousness with a powerful awareness that this is indeed a final letting go, a potent cleansing. In all of this, the falling leaf essences will thwart your best efforts to resist them, and you will move toward becoming the person you always dreamed of being. falling leaf essences. But as impressed as I am with their capacity for healing, I would not naively claim that these essences are a cure-all?this being the type of notion that we have just discredited. I seek instead to help you develop an understanding of their particular strengths and weaknesses. When will falling leaf essences be most appropriate, and when will a homeopathic or flower essence be more relevant or suitable? What are the guiding principles for the selection of different types of essences? Do these principles lead us only to falling leaf essences or to other new types of essence? How do we make and store these new essences, and what can they accomplish in practice?
These questions presuppose an understanding of other types of essences. This understanding is essential and forms the context or landscape within which falling leaf essences can be placed. This chapter seeks to develop a basic understanding of the different types of essences, which is a fascinating subject in its own right.

About The Author

Grant R. Lambert, Ph.D., is a naturopath, homeopath, clinical nutritionist, and research scientist. He has a doctorate in biochemistry and worked as a postdoctoral researcher of genetic engineering before becoming a homeopathic therapist in 1988. Merging his skills in conventional science and natural therapies, Dr. Lambert researches, develops, and distributes new essences. An internationally ranked chess player, he currently lives with his family in the leafy hills near Melbourne, Australia.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (June 1, 2002)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594775529

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"Falling leaf essences are so profound yet so simple to use, and they appeal to the beginner as well as the professional practitioner. I have never come across a range of essences that are so diverse and so complete in their entirety. This book is a delight to read. The information is well documented with very clear explanations and represents many years of testing in the marketplace."

– Libby Gordon, Heartwell Healing Centre

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