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Essential Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War

The second volume of the Essential Judge Dredd line features the greatest epic storyline in Judge Dredd history. Widely considered a comics classic, The Apocalypse War is reprinted alone in its entirety for the first time in its original format for over a decade.

"The greatest moment in comics history" - Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys)

The essential Judge Dredd graphic novel series – the ultimate introduction to the Lawman of the Future!

When the citizens of Mega-City One’s massive city blocks declare war on each other, Judge Dredd realises it is merely a prologue to an all-out nuclear attack by East Meg One! As warheads rain down, Dredd leads a brave guerrilla resistance against the Sov forces, building to an earth-shattering decision that shakes his world to the core!

This second wide-screen blockbuster volume in the Essential Judge Dredd graphic novel series presents The Apocalypse War, the mother of all ‘epic’ Dredd storylines, which forever fixed the character in readers' minds and ensured Carlos Ezquerra's title as the definitive Dredd artist in comics’ hall of fame.

"The Apocalypse War gets at what makes Dredd such a joy to read." - Comics Alliance

"Seared into the memory of everyone who read it" - The Guardian

"Transitioned the character's brutality from just a source of tongue-in-cheek excitement into something of a disturbing clarity" - The Comics Journal

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