Escape the Mummy's Tomb

Crack the codes, solve the puzzles, and make your escape!

BEWARE! Once you open this book, there is NO TURNING BACK! It’s 1200BCE, and you’re trapped in an Ancient Egyptian tomb. You’ve crawled through chambers of spooky mummies; escaped powerful gods; run from flash floods; faced poisonous snakes; and hidden from tomb raiders in a pharaoh’s sarcophagus. 

AT LAST, you notice a sliver of light. Is this the way out? SUDDENLY, there is rock fall, and the corridor in front of you is blocked! With dangerous tomb raiders behind you, poisonous snakes in the rocks, and Anubis - god of the Dead - guarding the opposite corridor, which way will you turn?

Only YOU can DECIDE! Do you – 
A Remove the fallen, snake-infested rocks, go to 25
B Dare to face Anubis, go to 64
C Hope the tomb robbers will take pity, go to 124