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Emperor's Sword

Published by Canelo US
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A desolate wasteland. A mission gone wrong. An impossible goal.

Roman scout Silus is deep behind enemy lines in Caledonia. While spying on a raiding party, everything goes wrong, and he must run for his life...with the head of the enemy leader in his hands. Little does he know the price he will pay. As Silus is inducted into the Arcani, an elite faction of assassins and spies, he must return to Caledonia, back into the wilderness, and risk everything in the service of his Caesar. Failure is not an option.

For fans of Ben Kane and Robert Fabbri, a truly captivating novel of double-crossing and revenge.

Alex Gough is an author of Roman historical adventures. The Carbo Chronicles, including Watchmen of Rome and Bandits of Rome, was written as a result of a lifelong obsession with ancient Rome, and the culmination of a lot of research into the underclasses of the time. He has also written a collection of adventures following Carbo and other characters from Watchmen of Rome, where you can learn more about their rich lives.