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Empath Activation Cards

Discover Your Cosmic Purpose

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A full-color oracle deck and guidebook to activate your light codes, raise your frequency, and awaken to your cosmic mission

• 2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Silver Award and CARTA Awards Best Guide Book Accompanying a Deck, 2nd Runner Up

• Includes 44 full-color cards, embedded with activational frequencies and imbued with sacred geometric symbols and patterns from nature and the cosmos

• For each card, the book explains its meaning and message and includes a ritual activity, such as an incantation, guided journaling, meditation, or ceremony, to help you engage more deeply and experientially with the message

• The book demonstrates how the cards represent 4 distinct initiatory paths, which can act as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence, helping you in the next steps of your soul purpose

Presenting high-vibration activational messages, this oracle deck and book set is designed to help you remember your true nature as a being of light, access your cosmic mission, and raise your vibratory frequency. Rev. Stephanie Red Feather hand-painted the art on each of the 44 full-color cards, imbued with sacred geometric symbols and patterns from nature and the cosmos, to serve as a tool of transmission, engaging you on multiple levels of consciousness and allowing you to receive whatever activation, message, or inspiration from Source you need in the moment. The art is also intentionally embedded with activational frequencies to help you “turn on” your light codes, retrieve ancient wisdom stored in your soul’s memory from enlightened times, and transmit signals from Source, which land like seeds in the mind and flower into higher knowledge.

In the accompanying guidebook, Red Feather explains how the oracle can be used as a self-guided initiation into the mysteries of higher consciousness. Drawing on astrophysics, biology, geology, quantum mechanics, as well as ancient mystical traditions, she shows how the cards can be divided into four groups, each representing a distinct initiatory path and acting as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence. For each card, she explains its meaning and message and includes a ritual activity, such as an incantation, guided journaling, meditation, or ceremony, to help you engage more deeply and experientially with the message.

Offering a hands-on tool to discover and activate the next steps of your cosmic mission, this oracle helps you prepare your light body for the next octave of your soul purpose on Earth as well as drawing you into higher, wider, and deeper dimensions of consciousness.


From Introduction
This is Not Just an Oracle Deck!

While you can certainly engage with this oracle deck in a traditional way (please do!), my vision of how to use this deck also includes another dimension of purpose. The Oracle is divided into four equal sections of 11 cards with each section representing an initiatory path.

- Initiatory Path One: Healing, Wholing, and Practices for Embodiment

- Initiatory Path Two: Light Body Expansion and Tools of Mastery over Your Perception and Experience

- Initiatory Path Three: Activating Higher Consciousness, the Astral Plane, and Tools of Multi-Dimensionality

- Initiatory Path Four: Cosmic Mission, Star Relatives and Your Power as Co-Creator with Divinity

In addition to serving as a divinatory tool, this oracle deck is designed to be used as a self-guided initiation into the mysteries of higher consciousness. Through interaction with the higher self, astral plane, causal plane, light body, energy body, past-present-future, parallel universes, soul, star beings, and Gaia, high-level experiential wisdom can be embodied and applied in physical form.

To use the material as a self-guided initiation, you would read through this manual just like a book, going in order from one initiatory path to the next. In this way, the arrangement acts as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence, drawing you into higher, wider, and deeper dimensions of consciousness with each path, as well as preparing your light body for the next octave of your soul purpose on earth.

This Oracle deck is here to serve you! No matter how you interact with it, know that the legions of light are present, accessible, and devoted to supporting you in every way.

From Initiatory Path One: Healing, Wholing, and Practices for Embodiment

This collection of 11 oracles begins at the lowest vibrational state and focuses mostly on the 3D world of healing and transforming earthly human wounds. Though the word healing is used commonly in self-help and spiritual circles, it is important to recognize that you are not broken and don’t need “fixing.” Thus, the reference to “wholing” in this particular initiatory path. Your journey towards higher consciousness and enlightenment isn’t as much about healing as it is about become more whole and recognizing the fullness of your divinity.

This level also includes concepts and practices for greater embodiment, and tools to approach your physical, human experience of life with more grace and balance. If using this oracle deck as a self-guided initiatory tool, you can choose to engage these 11 oracles in the order they appear or use your intuition to proceed in whatever order makes the most sense for you. It is interesting to note that if you look at the images of this initiatory path together, almost all of them are asymmetrical. Allow this symbolism to speak to you as you navigate this level.

Oracle Card 1 - Abundant Universe

Beloved earth walker, free yourself of the toxic and soul-crushing beliefs in comparison, doubt, competition, and lack that have crept into your decisions and behaviors. Your conscious mind might “know” that these ideas are limiting and false. But deep in your subconscious there are parts of you that adopted these premises from internalized messages you received as a child, and they are running their racket. Further, they are obstructing and perverting the brilliance and potency of your soul purpose which is urgently seeking expression. It is time to review these beliefs and lovingly release what has stopped serving your growth. A critical mass has been reached and your light body system can no longer tolerate the internal discord. Your soul knows the truth of Who You Are. You are ready for this shift and your spiritual team is standing by, ready to support you.

Whatever the expression of your sacred work, it is easy to get lulled into believing that the measurements of success are the success. More products sold. More viewers watching. More participants joining. More students registering. More clients hiring. More money being made. Expectations can begin to distort and, in turn, pollute your beliefs. The creed then dictates that each endeavor must produce more and better or you have failed. Beloved spiritual warrior, this is a product of linear, one-dimensional thinking which conflicts with the cyclical and abundant nature of life. It is a seductive way to measure success that invariably sets one up for disappointment. And it runs counter to the higher-vibrational dimension of reality that your soul innately understands.

Competition (an outmoded and crumbling paradigm on your planet) is a low-vibration economic, political and social model. At its foundation, competition is built on principles of scarcity, comparison, contrived rivalry, and duality which breed deceit, jealousy, dishonesty, poverty, and corruption. The idea is that there is only so much to go around and, as a result, only one person can be successful, at the top, or the “winner.” Hence, everyone else is a “loser” and has less. As you raise in consciousness and awareness dear bright spirit, a huge energetic dissonance has formed between where you are headed as a species (cooperation, abundance, unity) and this current template. Have you felt the rumbling in your energy body? You are a way-shower and your attention to your own relationship with and expression of these concepts will have far-reaching effects on all those you love and serve.

Comparison is a seductive and lethal addiction because it pollutes clarity and poisons the spirit. Measure your success by the joy in your heart, beloved one! Do not compare yourself to others. There is only one you and when you try to be like someone else, you are robbing the world of the one-and-only gift of your unique brilliance. Take inspiration from some of your world’s sages: Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Iyanla Vanzant says, “Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self.” Judy Garland said, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” Take these wise words into your heart and let them be a salve and reminder to love and cherish yourself.

There is room for everyone to shine! There is more than enough of everything to go around! Your unique voice is needed and there is plenty of space for you in this big world. Do not fear your own evolution. The Universe is abundant, loving, generous and expansive. Do your inner work to transform the beliefs, decisions and behaviors that are no longer in resonance with the ascension of human consciousness. This will require faith and courage on your part, as you will be in the minority while the paradigm of competition dissolves. Trust that you are absolutely equipped for it. You can choose to view the world as dangerous, scheming, and unsafe, or you can choose to view the world as open, loving, abundant and completely supportive of your success.

If you have also pulled the Master of Trillions Oracle, know that attention to your personal consciousness practice and transmutation of outdated beliefs will be of the utmost importance. Pursue practices for disciplining the mind. Engage in transformational work to shift your beliefs, seeking professional support if needed. Develop a daily spiritual practice using prayer, meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, and any other techniques that keep your vibration high and mind focused. Heal unresolved emotional issues and triggers. Make choices to separate yourself from any influences that would keep your vibration low (such as disengaging from the news, releasing certain relationships, or letting go of unhealthy habits of any sort.)
Ritual of Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. The word ho’o means “cause” in Hawaiian, while ponopono means “perfection.” The term ho’oponopono can be translated as “correct a mistake” or “make it right.”

There are four key phrases that make up the simple yet elegant healing power of the Ho’oponopono practice. They are:

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Some practitioners advise there is a specific order in which you should repeat the phrases, while others say let your intuition guide you. As you begin this prayer, drop into heart space and you will know in what order to affirm these four phrases. When you practice ho’oponopono, you then recite the four phrases in sequence repeatedly until you feel complete.

Use this ritualistic prayer to activate the process of healing your beliefs in lack, comparison, doubt, competition or anything else that is keeping you in a state of contraction or limitation. You might start by directing this incantation at one or both of your parents, your teachers, or other influences in childhood. You can even direct it at “the system” such as our economic system, system of government, or educational system.

Next, be sure to repeat the phrases in the same sequence while focusing on yourself. Forgive yourself for making the decisions you did (though almost certainly made unconsciously) so you can open the space for healing and transformation of the limiting beliefs.

Repeat the phrases rhythmically and deliberately. Do this for at least several minutes for each person, circumstance or entity you hold in your mind. When you are done, bow in a moment of silence to honor how these beliefs have been your teachers and protectors. Your ritual is now complete.

About The Author

Rev. Stephanie Red Feather, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Blue Star Temple. An ordained shamanic minister, she holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and master’s and doctorate degrees in shamanic studies from Venus Rising University. She is also a mesa carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru, having studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada and his lineage since 2005. She lives near Kansas City, Missouri.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (November 23, 2021)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591434177

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Raves and Reviews

“Stephanie Red Feather’s divine inspiration is once again at work, offering the fortunate recipients of her visionary guidance a unique, soul-nurturing treat of profound value for finding direction and navigating through the increasingly complex vicissitudes of what it means to be human. Her whimsical archetypal artistic rendering and colorful geometries draw the user of these oracle cards into an aesthetically expanded level of self-awareness laden with clarity and inspiration for the soul--a beautifully executed offering of love and light for our world.”

– don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo, author of Healing Light, coauthor of Lessons in Courage

Empath Activation Cards is a remarkable contribution to high-consciousness oracle decks. Filled with deep spiritual wisdom as well as wonderful guidance and tools, these cards offer numerous and inspiring pathways to open to our higher dimensional frequencies and to more fully activate our light bodies. Whether simply meditating on the images of the cards themselves or adding the profound guidance of the interpretations and healing exercises, the user will find themselves deeply transformed in the experience. This is a must-have deck for all sensitive souls to help usher in a new golden age on our planet.”

– Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, DMin, author of Activating Your 5D Frequency

“Reverend Stephanie Red Feather’s oracle deck immediately teleported my psyche into other dimensions that I identify as the quantum field of all creation. I especially felt a deep resonant connection to the first card (Abundant Universe) which reminds me of the shamanic spiral path that I have been walking for many years. Powerful divination tools such as these are needed for the portals of initiation that humanity is facing at this time.”

– Linda Star Wolf, creator and author of Shamanic Breathwork, codirector and founder of Venus Rising A

“These beautiful, unique, and powerful activation cards are primed and ready to expedite your ascension to the next dimension! Stephanie Red Feather has created the perfect companion deck to her wonderful book, The Evolutionary Empath. These extraordinary cards are a guide to delve more intimately into our spiritual journey to activate and access more of our divine selves. They are an exemplary tool to be utilized time and time again to embrace and reveal the best version of ourselves.”

– Tammy Billups, author of Animal Soul Contracts and Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions

“A stellar oracle deck by Stephanie Red Feather! Her Empath Activation Cards is timely, versatile, and beautifully written, carrying the rich knowledge needed to support and guide us during these transformative times. Full of insights and a deep understanding of our personal and collective evolutionary process, it is both an earthly and cosmic oracle. The art is so exquisite, its frequency vibrates right off the card. I highly recommend this as a comprehensive resource for support and guidance on one's spiritual path. It is the deck I will reach for personally and for use in workshops.”

– Carley Mattimore, MS, LCPC, coauthor of Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa

“This deck is a beautiful spiritual experience, a profound education, deep acknowledgment, and a delightful joy all at once. I expected some great messages. What I received was so much more than that; an enlightening gift that left me curious, uplifted, more clear, and more purposeful. As a healer and business owner, these kinds of powerful tools are necessary and such an incredible addition to my daily routines and decision-making rituals. This is a must-have deck that will up-level your collection and your life.”

– Laura Di Franco, CEO of Brave Healer Productions, publisher, and bestselling author

“Empath Activation Cards is no ordinary deck. From the dazzling images to the potent accompanying readings, this oracle deck is simply stunning. Stephanie Red Feather has managed to box up the esoteric wisdom and initiatory energy of an ancient mystery school. The original artwork she has created for each card will draw you into its vibrational essence as it speaks to you at the level of soul. Writing with the ease of a wise friend, Stephanie offers you insights, activations, and initiatory practices to bring you into deep alignment with the cards’ meanings. Empath Activation Cards is an exquisite road map for those on the ascension path. How deep you choose to go and how far you choose to travel is completely up to you. I have no doubt that whatever choice you make, you will not be disappointed.”

– Rima Bonario, Th.D, author of The Seven Queendoms: A SoulMap for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereign

"This evolutionary deck is meant to be savored slowly while absorbing its teachings. There’s magic woven in each color translation, geometric design and each word expressed. It is easy to embrace the wisdom and guidance of every initiatory path as it elevates our spiritual journey and rouses us closer to divinity. Stephanie Red Feather abundantly packs the Empath Activation Cards with lessons that can be pondered and reflected on for days."

– Anna Incs, Cartomancer Magazine

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