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Eat Mangoes Naked

Finding Pleasure Everywhere (and dancing with the Pits)

This book is your traveling pleasure companion. I want to remind you to seek out pleasure and lightly scoop it up!
It is also a guide to finding pleasure in all of the difficult places: during illness, at the periodontist, facing our aging and mortality...
I share my explorations into pleasure, and the places I get lost.
Let's magnify our pleasures together, no matter what else is happening in our lives.


This book is a traveling pleasure companion, and a reminder to seek out pleasure and lightly scoop it up!

It is also a guide to finding pleasure in all of the difficult places: during illness, at the periodontist, facing our aging and mortality, and all the challenges of being human.

Pleasure and joy live in all of the corners and crevices too, not just bright sunlight. We must learn to cultivate pleasure and invite it into all the places in our lives, no matter what else is happening.

It is our birthright to enjoy ourselves and find all the pleasure in our lives. Pleasure loves company and delights in being discovered.

I frequently forget about pleasure. It is easy to become consumed by WORK and by DOING...

Where's the pleasure?

Pleasure can be so elusive, momentary, and serendipitous. We can chase it away by trying to plan it, grab it, clutch it or orchestrate it.

We can dance through our lives and still be "responsible."

We can dive deeply into our challenges, and still chortle with glee.

Let's chortle more!

Let's loosen our clothes, and practice illuminated decadence and conscious luxury.

Let's live more in pleasure and bring pleasure to others. Pleasure can escort us safely through very difficult times and give our spirits a place to replenish.

Pleasure and joy invite our best selves out to play and quiet our critical voices. They give us a much-needed place to creatively refill.

Then we can truly help others

Pleasure definitely multiplies as we share it.

This book is:

A leaping treasure trove of pleasures

An exuberant burst of good energy

A companion for very dark days

A guide to giving and receiving pleasure, permission for pleasure, vicarious pleasures, joy in the midst of pain, pleasure mentors and lots of way to activate:

More pleasure and joy in your life and others' lives.

Let's truly treasure our days and nights, moving through light and dark, sitting with our pain and fear, and welcoming our joy.

We so often try to present our ideal or best selves to the world. Let me invite you into the pleasure of sharing your fragile, wrinkled, dented tiniest self!

I assure you, it's what people find most endearing about you!

I invite you


expanded pleasure


true joy in all that it is to be human...especially the unacknowledged parts.

Pleasure no matter what else is happening.

I will share my process, lessons, failings, discoveries and blessings with you.

Let's proceed into pleasure...

note: there is a lot of pleasure in eating mangoes naked or...just thinking about it!

Copyright © 2001 by Sark
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SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is an author/artist and acclaimed teacher on the subject of creativity. She was featured on the PBS series Women of Wisdom and Power. She is a recovering procrastinator and perfectionist who practices what she teaches and lives in a Magic Cottage in San Francisco with her "fur husband" cat, Jupiter. You can visit her website at

Rob Brezsny author of The Televisionary Oracle I declare SARK Supreme Master Doctor of Nourishing Bliss.

Lou Paget author of How to Be a Great Lover Anyone who wants pleasure in their heart and soul, will cherish SARK's guided journey.

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