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From the author of Masterpiece comes the story of a thrilling quest for riches as glamourous New Yorkers Olivia and Andrew Foster return on a mission to uncover the treasures of a lost Roman Empire city.

When the globe-trotting curators of the Metropolitan Museum of Art are on sabbatical in the golden hills of Naples, Olivia and Andrew Foster make the archaeological discovery of a lifetime.

Tipped off by an eccentric art collector and connoisseur and aided by an arsenal of high-tech archaeological tools, the Fosters unearth one of the most intriguing discoveries yet to be found. Just as they thought they’d seen it all, Olivia and Andrew uncover the lost city of Herculaneum and all of the ghosts and jewels that were buried with it.

But as they come upon the discovery that will change their lives forever, the Fosters are faced with a challenge that makes them realize why all other efforts to uncover the legendary treasures have led to disappointment—or death.

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