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Two prominent directors of the biggest art galleries in the United States find themselves falling in love as they fight for possession of a masterpiece by Spanish master Diego Velazquez in this fast-paced novel that sweeps readers into the world of international art.

When a beautiful and sensual nude portrait by a famous Spanish art master unexpectedly goes up for auction, the art world begins to act greedily. The last truly great masterpiece by Diego Velazquez draws attention from every major museum and the wealthiest and stealthiest private collectors as they go up against the Soviets, the CIA, and the US National Security Agency in the plot to own the steamy painting.

Two contenders for the painting are the dashing director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the ambitious and attractive acting director of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

As they meet in Paris just two weeks before the sale of Velazquez’s work, what begins as a vigorous fight for the masterpiece unexpectedly develops into a love connection. With both of their jobs on the line, the fight to keep their personal and professional lives separate ends proves difficult as it leads them to fascinating results.

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