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How We Will Live, Work and Buy

Named Book of the Year by the National Community Colleges Association, Cycles approaches the idea that age is becoming less relevant in defining who we are and how we live as life expectancy increases and the pressures to live a linear lifestyle fade.

As we enter a new era, a lifestyle revolution has drastically transformed who we are and what we do, both as people and as consumers. Drawing on her expertise in generational marketing, Maddy Dychtwald, cofounder of Age Wave, offers a radical view of how Americans live, work, and buy based on the new freedoms and responsibilities of our nation’s shifting age demographics.

A cyclical approach to life has enabled people of all ages to explore any avenue, venturing far from the predictable linear and chronological life pathways of past generations. Based on studies of demographics, Dychtwald looks at how age is becoming less of a determining factor in choices as it has a smaller impact on personal and societal definition.

For individuals and companies alike, Cycles is a groundbreaking book that will open up exhilarating new possibilities for people of all ages.