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About The Book

Trust me, there is life and love (and plenty of laughter) after divorce, even when your ex is one of Australia’s highest profile sport stars.

Actually, I Don’t Like Cricket Or Blow Jobs! (And to be honest, I suck at both.) Yes, that was what I originally wanted to call this book. But then I realised that some women like cricket. Also, reading this in front of your inquisitive seven-year-old could lead to some awkward conversations. So, in stepped Currently Between Husbands to save the day and any blushes.

Having a relationship in the spotlight is hard enough, but in Currently Between Husbands, Cathrine Mahoney details the unique experience of breaking up with one of Australia's highest profile sport stars. Even for a self-confessed over-sharer, the breakdown of her marriage to rugby league player Andrew Johns was more public than she was used to. In her first book, the writer, podcaster and publicist provides a self-deprecating and hilarious look at her life – from fashion mistakes and early crushes as a kid growing up in Wales, to her years working with some of the world's biggest stars at Sony Music, to navigating life and love as a ‘solo’ mum, and coming to terms with hitting the big 4-0. Currently Between Husbands is the equivalent of having a chat with your bestie over a drink or two, with all the inappropriate confessions, front bottom revelations and teary moments that entails.

‘Desperately funny, fearless and full of heart.’ Meg Mason, author of Sorrow and Bliss

‘Strap in. You’re in for a fabulous ride. And you’ll be wishing (like I was before I knew her) that she was your friend. It’s a bloody good book, and I didn’t want it to end.’ Amanda Keller OAM, radio and TV host

‘My all-time favourite movie is Bridget Jones’ Diary – to anoint a real-life version is a big deal – but Cathrine Mahoney is it Bridget to a tee. I’d pay to read a post it note she wrote, let alone a book. Cathrine’s ability to be funny, clever, relatable, self-deprecating and just so loveable is unlike anyone I’ve ever met.’ Erin Molan, TV presenter, radio host and writer

About The Author

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Cathrine Mahoney is an English, curly-haired Capricorn. A publicist by trade, who never leaves the house without a red lip on. She has called Sydney home for the past 20 years after moving from the UK in 2000, in part on the advice of a horoscope column. She has one son (that she knows of) called Louis, whom she loves to bits and enjoys embarrassing daily, that she shares with her ex-husband, former rugby league player and TV commentator Andrew Johns.

Mahoney is a self-confessed oversharer whose only filter is the one she uses on her Instagram photos. She is constantly using ‘Doctor Google’ and is convinced she is hitting early menopause (but, as her actual doctor reassures her, it is just the scorching hot Australian summer that’s making her feel like a red-hot mess and not ‘the change’ . . . yet).

After 20 years as a celebrity publicist she has taken a leap of faith and quit her day job to follow her dream to tell stories and write. She also hosts two podcasts: So, I Quit My Day Job and Not Another Parenting Podcast.

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Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia (June 1, 2022)
  • Length: 352 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781761103360

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Raves and Reviews

'[O]utrageously funny and, at times, deeply honest.'

– Tim 'Rosso' Ross, comedian and radio host

'Cathrine has such a unique voice, with self-deprecating humour that has made me laugh from the day I met her 20 years ago. It’s time the rest of the world got to laugh along and her stories.'

– Samantha X, author of Hooked: Secrets of a High Class Escort

'I adore Cath, to blazon her self-deprecation in such an endearing way encapsulates the courageous and hilarious woman she is.'

– Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald, comedian and radio host

'Currently Between Husbands is like watching Robbie William’s pash a fan on stage at his concert. Sometimes awkward, kinda hot, very funny but mainly you spend the whole time wishing it was you. Even in her darkest moments, Cathrine lives a life fuller than the rest of us put together. Smart, beautiful and wise. Consider my pelvic floor muscles tested. She’s the best friend you’ll want for life, but you’ll have to fight me for her.'

– Sarah McGilvray, host of Not Another Parenting Podcast

'Desperately funny, fearless and full of heart.'

– Meg Mason, author of Sorrow and Bliss

'Cathrine has this uncanny ability to write in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting down with your best friend having a cup of tea. I laughed, cried and had so much fun reading every word. This book is more than a memoir, it is the companion every woman needs beside her as she navigates life, love and everything in between.'

– Carlii Lyon, entrepreneur and author of The Ultimate Personal Branding Playbook

'There is one question I have asked Cath 100 times over, “Did that really happen?” Cath’s stories are like a Viennetta ice cream with the three layers being, disbelief, blunt honesty and brilliant storytelling. To add to that, it’s bloody funny and you’re left wanting more. No one else I know can share a story like Cath. I’m looking forward to the TV show.'

– Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli, comedian and radio host

'It is a page-turning wild, spiritual, ridiculously funny, candid, generous, raw and crystal-fuelled adventure.'

– Jess Halloran, Walkley award-winning sports journalist

'You don't have to be divorced to love this book – it's simply a story about love and life. We all need a Cath in our girl tribe, she is unfiltered, gets what it's like to try and find "the one," and will make you do that snort-laugh thing that you can only do around your girlfriends.'

– Jules Robinson

'Cathrine Mahoney is the girlfriend we all need. Pour yourself a vodka (that's enough soda, thanks!) and get ready for a hilarious and honest take on life, love and starting over.'

– Kerrie Elstub, Editorial Director of Nine Digital

'My all-time favourite movie is Bridget Jones – to anoint a real-life version is a big deal – but Cathrine Mahoney is Bridget to a tee. I’d pay to read a post it note she wrote, let alone a book. Cathrine’s ability to be funny, clever, relatable, self-deprecating and just so loveable is unlike anyone I’ve ever met.'

– Erin Molan, TV presenter, radio host and writer

'Finally someone who has the guts to spill on all the crap you have to deal with when a marriage ends and the weird, hilarious and intriguing world of what’s thrown at you when "between husbands."'

– Tash Sefton, influencer

'Feels like Cathrine is a few glasses of wine in, unfiltered, and open-heartedly telling you her story and owning it all. Inspirational and funny.'

– Christian O'Connell, radio host

'Wildly inappropriate, a massive over-sharer, honest to goodness hilarious – Cathrine makes the ups and downs of life, marriage, divorce and parenthood side-splittingly funny.'

– Leila Mckinnon, TV presenter and journalist

'One of the funniest people I know writes exactly as she speaks – with laugh-out-loud observations, self-deprecating humour and wry insights into all aspects of a woman’s journey through life.'

– Lisa Davies, CEO of AAP and former SMH editor

'Cathrine is hands down the funniest, cheekiest, most quick-witted woman I know! She is a natural conversationalist; she is the woman who walks into a room full of strangers and walks out with a bunch of new best friends. In her own charming way, she pushes the boundaries, all the while leaving her audience in stitches. She is inspiring, uplifting, light-hearted yet thought-provoking, and always makes me laugh!'

– Erica Packer, UNICEF Ambassador

'My dear friend Cath is hilarious, kind, smart and warm-hearted. Her sharp wit, and unfiltered commentary on life makes this book a must read! I can't wait for the movie!'

– Jason Dundas, TV host and producer

'Cathrine Mahoney has the rare ability to capture our emotions in an all of the fucked-up’d-ness and fabulous feels of 2022 after a horrendous couple of years. I was a fan of Adrian Mole growing up as a kid and just like those books did with a pimply teen navigating life in 1980s UK, Cath has captured the human spirit of a 40-something-year-old British expat single mum living life in Australia.'

– Johnathan 'JMo' Moran, Newscorp Entertainment Editor

'I laughed and cried with Cath as she opened up about the breakdown of her marriage (spoiler alert). Anyone who has ever dated will know what it's like to dust yourself off and try to find yourself again after the end of a relationship. You may or may not have found the one, but you will fall in love with Cath and her quintessentially English sense of humour, self-deprecation, and propensity to overshare.'

– Melissa Wilson, host of The Juggling Act podcast

'I love my catch ups with Cathrine.... My sides hurt by the end of the night. She is one funny lady.'

– Matt Moran, TV Chef and restaurateur

'Cath writes as she speaks … she’s unfiltered, ridiculously funny but also heart-warmingly honest. It’s what makes her and this book so refreshing and so fabulous, but just a warning… you will laugh - LOOOOUDLY ! Don’t say I didn't warn you!'

– Sally Obermeder, TV presenter and radio host

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