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Crystal and Stone Massage

Energy Healing for the Vital and Subtle Bodies

Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A full-color guide to crystal massage for healing, energy balance, and stress release in the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies

• Illustrates full-body massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, polished stones, and amber

• Details the healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones and how to select the proper one for a specific condition

• Explains how to cleanse and recharge crystal, gemstone, and amber after each massage so energies are not transferred from one person to another

In this full-color illustrated guide, Michael Gienger, along with contributors Hildegard Weiss and Ursula Dombrowksy, details the energetics and healing properties of more than 50 crystals and gemstones for use in massage. The book explains how to select the proper crystal or stone to aid healing of a specific condition as well as for relaxation and stress release. It illustrates specific massage techniques with crystal wands, crystal spheres, and polished stones that best utilize the crystal or stone’s properties and shows how to perform a full-body massage that works on several levels--physical, ethereal, mental, and spiritual--depending on how the crystals are applied.

Explaining how crystals absorb energy and information during a massage, the guide shows how to cleanse and recharge their energetic fields so energies are not transferred from one person to another. It also details how to rebalance and replenish your own energy after giving a massage.

The book also includes a detailed chapter on the harmonizing effects of amber massage, complete with a step-by-step illustrated massage sequence. Amber’s unique electromagnetic vibrations make it especially conducive to creating homeostasis in the body and thus a beneficial addition to any crystal or stone massage practice.

With this complete illustrated guide, anyone can enhance their massage practice or self-healing through the powerful effects of crystals, gemstones, and amber.


Part 3

Vital Body Massage

In vital body massage we assume that each aspect of our being--every cell, all the tissues and organs, and our entire organism--has consciousness. Our body knows exactly what it needs and what does it good. The body has its own intelligence, which is energetic.


The term vital body refers to the energetic, vibrational body that enlivens and gives essence to the physical body. Vital body massage, therefore, concentrates on the whole person on the energetic level rather than focusing solely on the physical, mechanical structure, and in this regard it is a true holistic therapy. Vital body massage that uses stones and crystals consists of very gentle touching of the skin with a chosen stone, with the intention of harmonizing and vitalizing the energy field that encircles and penetrates the physical body. This field is also frequently called the etheric body, the vital aura, the morphic field, and the subtle body.

This energy field develops from the communication flow between our cells, tissues, and organs, as well as between our physical organism and our soul, mind, and spirit. Every cell in the body, taken on its own, is an autonomous creature with its own consciousness. Each cell controls its own breathing, metabolism, and regeneration. Just imagine if you had to constantly give orders to billions of cells; it is far better that they take care of these affairs themselves, isn’t it? So, insofar as every cell has its own consciousness, it also has a desire to live; it has experiences, knows pain, and knows activity and relaxation. When several cells join together to form tissue, the same consciousness, basically, pertains to this larger entity; the same thing applies when tissues join to form an organ, and again in the fusion of organs to form an entire organism.

This organization is only possible through communication: needs have to be expressed, orders transmitted, and procedures coordinated. The physical communication channels--nerves, blood, and lymph channels--are not sufficient for this load. That’s why we also have energetic communication channels consisting of meridians and biophotons as well as telepathic networks consisting of synapses.

The vital body is the sum of all energetic connections and communication processes in and around our body. The constant exchange via these connections is vital: it is what keeps the body alive.


Crystals and gemstones in the form of wands, styluses, or tumbled stones are used in vital body massage. The wide end has a relaxing, calming effect, and the more pointed end is activating and vitalizing. Take the stone in your hand like a pencil, holding it between your thumb and middle finger and guiding it with your index finger. Ideally, the back of it will rest in the joint between thumb and index finger. If the stone is too short, it will take more effort to guide it.

To begin, place the stylus on the skin very, very gently, and let it remain there for a moment. It is a minimal touch with no pressure whatsoever. In vital body massage we hover above the body making small circles with the stylus, grazing the skin with just a hint of a touch.
More precisely, the circles are actually small, spiraling movements. We wander over the body in this circling fashion, changing the direction of movement on impulse, choosing whichever direction feels easiest.

Vital body massage is steered by the body’s intelligence, so it is important to connect and empathize with the massage recipient--for instance by synchronizing your breathing. Periodically look at the face of the person you are working on for feedback as you proceed. As long as you are in tune with your client, you can rely on your intuition to guide your hand.

The conventional sequence would begin with the client lying face down. Starting at the crown of the head, run down the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs (one after the other) to the soles of the feet and the tips of the toes, using circling movements of the stone. Then, with the client face up, change position and massage upward starting at the toes, then the feet, legs, pelvis/abdomen, and chest, then along the arms to the fingertips (one arm then the other). Then change your position and sit above the head of the person you are massaging. Massage from the shoulder along the neck and behind the ears up to the top of the skull (first one shoulder, Massage then the other) and from there over the forehead to the temples and ears, then from the base of the nose over the closed eyelids to the zygomatic bone and hinge of the jaw, and finally from the nose over the cheeks, around the mouth and over the chin. As a conclusion, lay the stylus on the person’s third eye, the chakra point between the eyebrows, for 20 to 30 seconds.


The goal of this kind of energetic body massage is the harmonizing of the vital body. Improving energy flow and balance contributes to a more balanced life. Physically, improved vitality appears as more stable health.

We can give this vitality additional direction (physically, intellectually, and spiritually) by adding specific healing stones to the massage.

Calcite Calcite (orange) imparts confidence and trust. Physically, calcite strengthens digestion, connective tissue, skin, and bones.

Fire opal vitalizes and makes one open-minded, cheerful, and fond of life. Physically, it boosts potency and fertility.

Heliotrope stimulates the immune system and is good to use at the beginning of illnesses, particularly to fight colds.

Ruby kyanite (a combination of ruby, blue kyanite, and fuchsite) eases pain and tension due to stress. It also encourages good sleep and gives a feeling of protection. Physically, it is very good for paralysis, rheumatism, infections, skin diseases, and heart and back disorders.

About The Author

Michael Gienger (1964-2014) was one of Europe’s most respected experts on crystals and their uses, a field in which he had been active since 1988. He started collecting minerals in 1972, and in 1985 a successful self-treatment with healing crystals inspired him to pursue further training as an alternative healing practitioner. He was trained in shiatsu and completed a two-year apprentice in shamanic healing. He went on to author more than 20 publications, a number of which have become standard works in their field and have been translated into 11 languages.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (January 24, 2015)
  • Length: 176 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620554128

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Raves and Reviews

Crystal and Stone Massage is the standard work in the field of gentle massage with precious stones. The author is outstanding in his ability to convey the energetic aspects of massage and the importance of touch. Six different massage techniques are illustrated in detail, from intuitive massages to very complex reflexology. . . . Recommended for both professional massage therapists as well as the layperson.”

– Dagmar Fleck, coauthor of Hot Stone and Gem Massage

“An excellent overview and introduction to the various methods and techniques of massage using crystals.”

– Fred Hageneder, author of The Meaning of Trees

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