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Crimson Sand, Crimson Snow

Published by Zmok Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

An epic dark fantasy set in a desert land that harkens Arabian Nights

Eirik Hastin has hidden from the horrors of his past for nearly twenty years as an itinerant tourney fighter and notorious drunkard. Maiara, an orphan raised by an aloof innkeeper and his bitter wife, has known nothing but drudgery and isolation her entire life. However, a seemingly chance encounter with a wizened stranger brings with it promises of something greater for them both.

The Broken Kingdoms have all but forgotten the existence of magic after a century of warfare and intrigue.  Into this chaos an ancient evil – the stuff of legendary nightmares – emerges from the mists of time.  The kingdoms as they now stand, shorn of their past glories, cannot stand against this onslaught.  The time of legends may be past, but when wizards and heroes are nowhere to be found, perhaps two wounded, flawed people can make the difference.

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