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Crayola I Feel Craymoji: Puffy Sticker and Activity Book

Published by BuzzPop
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Explore emotions through the world of colors! This title is a full-color, 24-page sticker and activity book packed with fun activities that explore Crayola's "I Feel" initiative with adorable icons known as "Craymojis," press-out cards, and over 100 puffy stickers!

Do you feel bold like Razzmatazz? Cozy like Macaroni and Cheese? Or wise like Granny Smith Apple? Emotions come to life through the world of colors! Crayola introduces their "I Feel" campaign with exciting "Craymojis," which are adorable icons representing the moods their colors evoke. Press-out cards help readers explore the activities introducing Crayola's "I Feel" initiative with games and colorful fun!

This full-color, 24-page activity book comes with 8 sheets of press-out cards and over 100 puffy stickers, which are perfect for decorating crafts, cards, and notebooks!

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