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Craft of the Screenwriter

Filled with fascinating and revealing interviews from six of America’s best screenwriters, The Craft of the Screenwriter is a first-rate source for students, writers, filmmakers, and movie enthusiasts.

Interviews with some of America’s top screenwriters, including perennially funny and hit writer Neil Simon, novelist and screenwriter William Goldman, and the late Paddy Chayefskey in his longest and last interview, The Craft of the Screenwriter is entertaining and essential reading for movie professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The in-depth interviews that make up this book show the screenwriters in the midst of their lives and careers as they answer questions about films they’ve made and people they’ve worked with. Additionally, each screenwriter shares how they got into the movie business, why they stayed, and the experiences that led to perfecting their techniques as they provide clear and sound advice for screenwriters trying to break into the business.

Described by Rex Reed as “a ‘must’ for the film library shelf,” John Brady’s peak into the life of screenwriters gives a fascinating look at a powerful element of the movie industry.