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About The Book

In this superbly helpful and informative guide to strengthening your relationship and streamlining disagreements, marriage counselor Dr. Carlfred Broderick shares honest, straightforward, and comprehensive tips to help cope while struggling in relationships.

Couples is a richly informative, warm, and helpful book aimed at aiding couples of all stages, from those who are married to those recently united.

In this “sensitive and psychologically able” work (Publishers Weekly), Dr. Carlfred Broderick covers topics ranging from emotional space and dependency to infidelity, children, and bisexuality.

Dr. Broderick includes discussions from actual counseling sessions, as well as exercises for developing the skills and habits necessary for you and your partner to solve problems.

About The Author

Carlfred Broderick was an American psychologist, sociologist, and family therapist, a scholar of marriage and family relations at the University of Southern California, and an author of several books, including Couples.

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