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Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter

A Cautionary Tale of Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits

Foreword by Jim Harold

A how-to primer on safe ghost removal with accounts of the author’s most dangerous spirit confrontations

• Includes lists of what to do and what to avoid and explains how to identify what kind of spirit you are dealing with and whether it is safe to attempt removal

• Details the author’s difficult attempts to remove spirits from haunted buildings

• Reveals how haunting spirits may not simply be ghosts of deceased people but may be powerful entities manifested from rage, hatred, and frustration

Despite early recognition of his own psychic sensitivities and ability to see spirits, Von Braschler did not seek to become a ghost hunter. He entered on this path through a chance encounter with a professional ghost hunter. After training with her, he returned to Oregon where he began exorcising ghosts for friends and acquaintances and, as he reveals in these pages, quickly stumbled upon forces far beyond his level of experience.

Sharing his true story of what can go wrong when ghost hunting, Braschler describes his training sessions with the professional ghost hunter and details his most difficult and dangerous attempts to remove spirits from haunted buildings, including an old church in Portland and an herbalist’s trailer on Mount Hood, where he encountered a spirit known to choke people in their sleep. He explains how not all spirits are simply ghosts of deceased people reluctant to move on from this plane of existence. They may be entities created from the rage, hatred, or frustrations of a building’s current or former inhabitants, and disturbing them can lead to dark confrontations without easy resolution.

Offering a primer on ghost removal, Braschler provides practical lists of what to do and what to avoid when removing ghosts from a haunted building. He outlines how to identify what kind of spirit you are dealing with, whether it is safe to attempt removal, and how to approach the ghost and convince it to leave. Detailing his own intense and sometimes hellish battles with unseen spirits, he also includes an impassioned plea of caution to those who try to contact ghosts and spirits purely for entertainment.

Von Braschler, a former faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, has led workshops through the United States and the United Kingdom. A lifetime member of the Theosophical Society, he is the author of several books, including Perfect Timing and Chakra Reading and Color Healing. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“Von Braschler weaves wondrous, cautionary tales about ghosts and hauntings in this chilling page turner. It is a must-read for all who deal with the paranormal--from ghost hunters to psychic mediums, from experts to novices. Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter puts into context real-life risks that come along with engaging the paranormal. A book that seekers of the unknown should carry in their arsenal.”

– Chantel Lysette, author of The Angel Code

“Fascinating reading. How refreshing to meet a ghost hunter who doesn’t crave the limelight but honestly helps people. We learn that not all ghost hunting is nice and simple!”

– Phyllis Galde, FATE magazine

“Von Braschler offers us expert guidance and an insightful, personal narrative of his work with spirits and other energetic entities. This is an excellent read for those seeking a balanced and nuanced perspective on a too-often glamorized topic.”

– Anna Cariad-Barrett, DMin, MFT, and author

“Von Braschler’s new book is a fascinating account of his experiences as a ghost hunter. It’s an absorbing, compelling, authoritative look at this fascinating subject by a renowned expert in the field.”

– Richard Webster, author of Psychic Protection for Beginners

“Von Braschler’s firsthand accounts of confrontations with human ghosts and nonhuman spirits throw new light on the afterlife and our mysterious relationship to it. His often terrifying quest for the truth connecting this world with the next amounts to nothing less than a voyage of discovery no reader will ever forget.”

– Frank Joseph, author of Before Atlantis

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