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Creators and Destroyers

David Levy brings these "ghostly apparitions" to life. With fascinating scenarios both real and imagined, he shows how comets have wreaked their special havoc on Earth and other planets. Beginning with ground zero as comets take form, we track the paths their icy, rocky masses take around our universe and investigate the enormous potential that future comets have to directly affect the way we live on this planet and what we might find as we travel to other planets.
In this extraordinary volume, David Levy shines his expert light on a subject that has long captivated our imaginations and fears, and demonstrates the need for our continued and rapt attention.

Walter Anderson Editor-in-Chief, Parade magazine There's so much in these scientifically rich yet fast-moving pages that I have a new awareness of the history and vitality of those wonderful astral phenomena.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry A truly fascinating book! David Levy has managed to explain profound scientific theories in a way that is exciting and easy to understand.

James V. Scotti Spacewatch Project, University of Arizona David Levy's wonderful tale brings the spectacular beauty and terrifying danger of comets, both literally and figuratively, down to Earth.