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Classical Music Encyclopedia

New & Expanded Edition

Editor Stanley Sadie / Foreword by Vladimir Ashkenazy

The Classical Music Encylopedia, now fully updated, traces the development of Western music from medieval times through to the twenty-first century. Each chapter begins with an Introduction to the era, followed by an A to Z of the key composers and musicians of the era, with an expert's recommended recording for each entry. Within these, the musical greats – from Mozart to Stravinksy – have more extensive entries. The Styles and Forms sections discuss the many different styles of music, from the earliest notation to the minimalism of the twentieth century, while the development of each era's Instruments is also extensively investigated. Written by many of the world's leading experts in the field, this invaluable encyclopedia is comprehensive, easy-to-use and highly informative – an essential guide for readers of all levels.

Charles Wilson was senior subject editor for twentieth-century composers on the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians 1997–2000 and editor-in-chief of the Cambridge University Press journal Twentieth-Century Music 2008–12. He is Director of Education in the School of Music at Cardiff University.

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