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China White

Y.K. Deng, Chinese mastermind of a global heroin ring, risks his life in order to eliminate his competition by transferring all of the assets his crime syndicate to the United States in one shipment of pure heroin in this international thriller from the bestselling author of Serpico.

Under the guise of moving his business in anticipation of China’s takeover of Hong Kong, Y.K. Deng prepares to move a mass shipment of potent heroine to the United States using the Mafia to distribute it.

As the FBI agents assigned to Deng’s relocation slowly start to uncover the truth behind his move to the U.S., China White takes on fascinating and believable twists leading up to one careless mistake that throws the entire devious plan off course.

Based on fact, this page-turning suspense novel takes readers into a world of Chinese drug smuggling and international crime, giving insight to the practically seamless flow of drugs into the United States and just how hard it is for government agencies to stop them in action.

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